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Even though we're not supposed to, we all have favorites. Tell us about your favorite Earthcache hide: It might not be the one with the most favorite points, or in the most famous location... it might not be your most visited.

What's your favorite Earthcache hide you have? Brag about it. For some it might be finally tying together a cool piece of geology with a great write up, for someone else it might be finding a sweet location and for others it might be the arduous journey you had to go through to get it approved!


I love reading about geology and Earthcaches - I may even add one of yours to my bucket list!

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I like all of my earthcaches for different reasons, but two of mine that I will highlight here:

1) Re-routing a River https://coord.info/GC7KDEY  It was only after living nearby for several years before I realized all of what had taken place. Not just the re-routing of the river, but all of the consequences that have gone along with that. That earthcache does not get found very often, but those who do find it, enjoy it.

2) Striking it Rich https://coord.info/GC7V56M  This earthcache was the first earthcache (as far as I can tell) approved at Voyageurs National Park. From first contact, to final approval, I really enjoyed working with the rangers at Voyageurs to get this cache placed. I'm hopeful that in the future, more cachers will place earthcaches at Voyageurs. Also, someone created an earthcache based off of mine, just west of there. So it was cool to have someone follow my lead.

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