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API error within requested status of specific GC codes

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I am using GSAK and in a self programmed macro a am requesting a GC code and it's status:

$data = GcApi2("geocaches/$codeGC?fields=status,referenceCode","GET")


If the request is for a geocache code (I used 'GC5O234' here) that has been archived already and the GC code contains an 'O' (the letter !) like the one I used (GC5O234), the return code is not ok.

The API comes back with the response: status:archived and referenceCode=GC50234, so the letter 'O' I used when requesting was cachnged to '0' (the number). I would have expected, that I get the status of GC5O234, not the one from GC50234.


The  same behavior I realized with GC codes containing an 'S', the result is the used code by the API ist '5' nad not 'S'


Why this correction in the API response ?

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