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  1. yes, that's YOU, but I want to use the API function in a self written macro, in order to check the coordinates again before I go outside and find the boxes... You also absolutely right, that constant was none of my other bills the past years.... but it is enough, just respect the number of premium geocachers... They only have to pay fpr the servers and their maintenance. and by the way: I would have introduced more and better stuff on the webpage during 20 yeras...
  2. I just found out, that a *deactivated* AddOn in firefox was the reaon, why the Captcha was not shown and so not working. This was the Addon: ...Captcha was not working. I set the uBlock Origin to 'activ': ...and the captcha was working again. That's it !
  3. What for am I paying 30€ a year? For hidden boxes by other geocachers? For other people creating interesting mysteries, multies and so on? What about a solution, actually problem is the GC internal geochecker not working anymore... maybe for that somebody takes care of?!
  4. Thanks to strange but untrue for research and posting the information here. Now I am interested in some answer from Groundspeak and hopefully an explanation and/or solution for the problem.
  5. The GC internal geochecker from Groundspeak website uses the captcha validation, this ist not working. The box in which I used to put in a check mark is not displayed and so pressing the button to check the coordinates returns with an error (see attachment) tested Browsers: firefox V97.0 and edge 98.0.1108.50
  6. is there any update planned of the API this year, I would suggest to return to the former option to be able to request the attribute 'hasSolutionChecker' without asking for the geocaching type.
  7. The workaround is: $data = gcapi2("geocaches/$d_code?fields=referenceCode,geocacheType,hasSolutionChecker") I have to add 'geocacheType' in the API request, in order to get the CORRECT answer, if there is a soultion checker otherwise the return value is always 'false'. So only the question, why the behavior of ther API changed is open... and please change this in the API documentation. "it is required to add the field 'geocacheType' in the API call."
  8. That's exactly the point: "...it worked until a few days before Magalodon's first post." - it worked for more than the last past year, all the time. So the question is: What has been changed on the server side, maybe in the database?!!! This is not an acceptable answer or an explanation, why it is not working, but I will try to make a workaround. So, please, have a look, why the behavior of the API changed and repair it.
  9. and it's still returning always false. Is there any chance we got it fixed this year?
  10. additionally the request , if the 'corrected coordinates' are correct returns with an error: What is the problem here?
  11. did someone check, if API is returning the wrong value? maybe the problem is the database itself?!
  12. I read about using the following call: $data = gcapi2("geocaches/$d_Code?fields=referenceCode,hasSolutionChecker") but the result is the same. So still no posibility to get the information, if the GC internal checker is active. Please inform the API users, what's the problem and when it will be fixed.
  13. The API actually returns wrong value for "hasSolutionChecker" Within a macro that already was doing a good job all the time the following line returns the value "false" instead of "true": $data = gcapi2("geocaches/$d_Code?fields=referenceCode,hasSolutionChecker","GET") it returns the following: {"referenceCode":"GC99DTZ","hasSolutionChecker":false} I tested it more times.
  14. That's really quick and perfect support, THANK YOU so much !
  15. Thanks for the quick reply, I am using a webbrowser.... sorry, I was blind, I think. I just found the option in the Webbrowser, too: "report a problem" with multiple options
  16. I just realized, that I can not put a 'needs maintenance' log on any geocache and even no 'needs archived'. What in the world happend that I can not log a 'needs maintenance' on a geocache that I didn't find already? The only 3 options I have are: 1) Found it 2) Didn't find it 3) write note
  17. Wow, it was already functional and now it's broken, great job. I would be very interested in the reason
  18. I am using GSAK and in a self programmed macro a am requesting a GC code and it's status: $data = GcApi2("geocaches/$codeGC?fields=status,referenceCode","GET") If the request is for a geocache code (I used 'GC5O234' here) that has been archived already and the GC code contains an 'O' (the letter !) like the one I used (GC5O234), the return code is not ok. The API comes back with the response: status:archived and referenceCode=GC50234, so the letter 'O' I used when requesting was cachnged to '0' (the number). I would have expected, that I get the status of GC5O234, not the one from GC50234. The same behavior I realized with GC codes containing an 'S', the result is the used code by the API ist '5' nad not 'S' Why this correction in the API response ?
  19. I just found on the Groundspeak webpage: Adventure Lab New deadline: March 31, 2021 We have extended the deadline to March 31, 2021 for all Adventure Labs to go public. HQ will monitor changes over the next few months to see if further adjustments are needed. There is no need for those with Adventure Lab credits to write in to request an extension.
  20. The biltema caches are the biggest bulls*** that has ever been created/invented, because they are handled differently in Germany/Europe according D- and T-values: -in some parts they are T5, because you need a fishing rod to get them (they are hanging up to 10-12m in a tree) -in other parts they are D5 for whatever reason, I do not know (I think it's not that DIFFICULT to get them down with a fishing rod that is long enough) The results of these biltema caches are: -you can forget the 81 matrix, because D5- and also T5 caches can now be earned with biltema caches, you don't need to solve a hard mystery anymore for a D5 and you also you do not need to climb up a tree - just a biltema cache is enough, it's done in minutes. -you can not be sure to have a climbing or boat cache, if it is a T5, it could also be a biltema cache -you can not be sure to have a hard mystery or multi cache to solve, it could also be a biltema cache -special tool required does not tell you, if you need a fishing rod, a lock picking set or something else Since we have biltema caches, it's the owner's descision to make it a D5 or T5, the information of these values are worth NOTHING, they do not tell you, which cache type or difficulty you can expect and even not how hard to get your caches have been that you visited. Now everybody has the best statistic values, but they are only pimped !!!
  21. yes, of course and these others do need 4 digits after the comma to more precise?! Let's see, the bikers for better knowing how they have done the curves? The walkers to know, if they used the left or the right track of the ants? The fishers to know, if they found the best place to catch the biggest fishes? Or the ones going by boat to find back to the place where they spotted the dolphins yesterday? ...just joking, sorry. Back to the point: I do not want to use the 4 digits, because I have to take care of two more numbers when entering a coordinate. Garmin offers it in the configuration and so they should implement it and now fix it, that's all I expect. The device is quite good, I like it.
  22. I can of course ignore the 4th decimal place, BUT if there is an option to use 3 or 4 digits after the comma, I would expect that to work and not to offer ALWAYS 4 digits. For me it's the problem when I enter a corrdinate, I have to manually skip the 4th digit, even if I DO NOT NEED it !!!!
  23. wow, no answer is also still an answer, something about, we just don't care...
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