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Filter for caches not found for a year or more

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Hi, beginner here, been geocaching a few months and have 50 finds and 1 hide. Been finding easier urban and 'in the local woods' caches. 

I have a goal to find some caches that have not been found for more than 1 year. I have not found a good way on the website to filter for these. What I've done is list 1000 nearby caches, then look through the whole list looking at the last found date, and added those to a saved list. 


Am I missing something? Is there a way to filter by 'last found before' or 'not found for n time'? I'd like to suggest a search filter that does so if its not there already. 


Thanks so much



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I moved this thread from the Geocaching.com Website Bug Report and Feature Suggestions forum.


OP, have you tried the homepage search?  After setting your filters, simply click on the "Last Found" column to sort the results to show the loneliest caches first.  (Caches that have never been found... FTF opportunities... will appear first.)

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In our area it's often simple to find them...just look for a single or small group of caches in the middle of green on the map.  :)

After FTF, a distance cache may sit months or longer before it's found again.  Most distance caches here see the same dozen people, then done.

Same for high terrain hides (distance counts there too).  We have two that rarely see a finder a year.

kayak (paddle-to) hides often don't see folks after the locals get them, and depend on visitors to the area (some head there for it).

This hobby's changed a lot, and in some areas caches become lonely once you're far enough away from the parking lot to see your car.    :laughing:

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Rank on date of last find.

I took the coords of your most recent logged find, Search, filter enabled, and then ranked on date of last find




within 10 miles of those coords there more than a 100 unfounds.


GC4720B no dnfs, last found Dec 2016

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