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I have a TB decal on a car I am in the process of getting rid of one way or another. I tried but could not get the decal to come off easy for reuse. How do I go about deleting the TB from my collection, and see it does not get noticed any longer.


Unless there is a way to get it off and reuse it!

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I don't think you easily can.

Solutions - reuse the code on a new TB; Adopt the code out to a basic account to keep it out the way; Rename it 'ZZZ trackable name' so it at least gravitates to the bottom of the list...(I rename our missing ones to get them out of the way)

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Was kinda hoping to see what/where the decal was, but all the "took it tos" with no pictures on two trackables (truck n CRV).

We haven't seen a "decal" yet that didn't come off with a thin coat of wd40.   :)

When/if you want to "took it to" with a new vehicle,  even ebay has decal folks who'll do your code.

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There are a few ways to remove decals without destroying them, though I've never been able to successfully reapply one. Doesn't mean it can't be done, just that I can't give good advice.


However, there is nothing stopping you from using that code on a new TB and sending it out as a proxie. Or getting a new decal made and attaching it to something else. If you want to retire that code, then you can just do the earlier suggestions of renaming or moving the code from your account and physically removing the decal off your vehicle.

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5 hours ago, Jayeffel said:


Unless there is a way to get it off and reuse it!

There are businesses that make custom Travel Bug decals.  I found one that made a nice “barcode bug” TB sign magnet including the tracking code.  So I can stick it to the trunk of my car and it’s not a permanent decal.  And the tracking code is actually from a pretty cool Geocoin that I keep in the car.



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