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Adventure Lab Saturation

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This was an interesting observation I felt I needed to share.


2 new adventure labs were published in my city last night - 2 different COs worked together to make a single 10 stage adventure.  Cool!


But of the 10 locations, 4 of the locations exactly overlap with 4 locations in a previously published 5 stage adventure that has been around for a couple weeks.

So really, 8 finds can be awarded for visiting only 4 locations.  

I have seen a few other instances where single locations from one AL have overlapped with a different AL, but I thought 4 overlaps on the SAME AL was a bit "much"...


I foresee this becoming more and more of a problem as more labs are released.

Time for some 161m/528' saturation rules enforced on Adventure lab locations perhaps?

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I made a video about the differences between Adventure Labs and what I called "classic geocaching" on my YT channel; this was one of the differences I noted.


In doing research for the video, I made an Adventure Lab in which a) all 5 locations were in the exact same spot, and b) all 5 were within 528' of two other traditional caches.  I wanted to see if I could, and I was able to.


In my video I asked whether Adventure Labs should be considered a separate game from classic geocaching, with a separate find count.  Because of all the rules they break and differences they have from all other caches.  No proximity rules, no reviewers, owners don't get notified of finds, owners can't even see who found their lab after the first 10 (unless they leave a review note), no logs.  I can go on and on.


People seem to love them.  The ones I've done have been interesting, but do they really belong as part of the game?  Or should they be separately managed?

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