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14 minutes ago, thehoomer said:

Thehoomer aren’t in any way ‘techie’ or clued up and we make no apology for that! ?
however, we did a few caches today and felt certain we had been to the location before.

Is there any way of finding out if there were caches there previously, even if archived?


AFAIK, there's some way on project-gc, not sure about gsak, and how long you've played has something to do with that.  :)

Most caches I go for (now that the other 2/3rds doesn't play) are a bit of a walk, and have mentioned "been to this area years ago..." often.

 - Folks walked a bit more back then, and this virus thing requiring folks to place hides away from populated places helped a lot here.

 - But on most I couldn't remember who placed it, or what the container was.

I agree, it would be nice to have a "memory check" if for no other reason that folks don't think I'm off my rocker.    :D

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Yes - there's an easy GSAK way (but if you're not techie and don't use it, that won't help you). I'll add it here for anyone else who IS a bit techie and is interested. Simply, adjust the centre-point of your 'my finds' database to the co-ords where you had the deja vu and see what's closest.


And a slightly clickier project-GC way (even if you don't pay)... using the Map Compare tool - which you'd normally use to compare your finds with a chum to plan routes where you can both find new caches.


Use the filter to put in

  • ONLY your name (not the name of any other cachers too in this case),
  • the cache location (be as specific as you want down to county level, if you can)
  • and then make sure you "add filter" to include disabled and archived caches. 

Then zoom in on the resulting map to where you were and see if there's a cache there.

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You don't need to use GSAK or Project GC, do it all with the Geocaching.com search tool...

  • Go to the search tool (Play on the top of the page then Search)
  • Enter the GC code of one of the ones you found in the area recently and choose "GC????? - 16km radius"from the options that pop up and hit the magnifying glass. (or put in the co-ords if you know them)
  • Click the Filters button
  • Under Found Status click the Found option.
  • Click Search

It will bring up a list of all caches you have found close to that spot, including archived ones.



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Well, we have had success using Marty’s method. Thanks very much. 
We have been playing with this today and would like to pick your brains again if you don’t mind? Can I ask you, is there a way of viewing the archived caches on a map? Also, is there any way to view archived caches which we ‘didn’t’ find? 

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Thanks Marty.

I guess we must content ourselves with the info we now have at our fingertips.... thanks to you.

We cache with a Garmin Etrex and print out our maps and clues. I guess that we are living in the past and we are holding onto the good old days of caching but we kinda like it that way! ?We have no idea whether all the bells and whistles would benefit us but we still find a few and have a great time in doing so and I suppose that’s what counts. 

Thanks to all for your help though. ????


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