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New souvenir notification after each log

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This was happening to me on Monday night and now, having found another bunch of caches today and earnt the second souvenir on the first one, I'm getting the pop-up saying You earned a souvenir! with every subsequent log. I hope the website's not going to keep doing this for the rest of the year every time I log a cache, it'll be as bad as the app constantly telling me I have a new souvenir. Maybe it's the same bug.




Edit to add: Having acquired the third souvenir with my final log today, I got a double You earned a souvenir! popup, one above the other, but they vanished before I had time to take a screenshot.

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Just noticed today that the (New) notification is gone, and does not reappear. I haven't found any caches since my last souvenir, #2 on the Memory Lane promo, last Friday, but it did show for that one, and it hasn't shown up since I viewed it. Had this been fixed, again? That would be refreshing!

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This reminded me to check my souvenirs and fade the ones I have no interest in. I found two newly acquired souvenirs titled. 'Memory Lane.' I don't know the details of those and no interest in them to find out more.


I wish I could delete the souvenirs I have no interest in, which is basically any that aren't geographically based. Countries, states and similar I am interested in, but that's all. Then I would like to be able to arrange them. It would be good if they were icons that could be moved around. Then even if I couldn't delete any souvenirs, I could pile the ones of no interest to me in a corner and arrange the others.


It wouldn't be so bad if these souvenirs meant something, such as 1,000 finds, 5,000 finds, 10,000 finds, 100 Earthcaches, 1000 Earthcaches, (and for each type of cache), 1 yr a member, 5 yrs a member, 10 years, etc. But most of the present souvenirs are meaningless.

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5 hours ago, barefootjeff said:

Now I'm getting a souvenir notification when I log a DNF...




I earned a souvenir when I posted a note to my own cache as well as when I filed an OM log.  I already had earned it and these logs didn't actually count for the points, but it is certainly a bug of some sort.

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