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20th Anniversary Events

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'Each month from January through October, at least 2,020 hosts will be randomly selected from those who opt-in'

Is it random or are those of us who hosted a 10! Event excluded?
How many cachers actually applied to host a 20 year Event?
(just wondering if if worth getting my hopes up each month....)


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Nothing in the official announcement or the official Blog (which are basically identical), suggests an exclusion because someone hosted a 10! Event.   If anything, I would think that it would be an endorsement to receive one of the 20th Events.  I'm assuming it's relatively random, but it kind of makes sense that HQ would space them out, both in time and place.  Doesn't make sense to have them all bunched up in a single month in one country.


Currently I'm seeing 579 Published 20th Events throughout the world.  The vast majority of those are taking place during the month of May.  They may just be waiting until after that batch is done before pushing out another batch so that it forces/encourages people to pick some time other than May.


I'd be cautiously optimistic.

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From what I can see, at the beginning of each month, another batch of users are awarded a Community Event. This means over 20,000 events will be award throughout the year. I'd say anyone that signed up for one would have a good chance of getting one.


However, the date you are awarded one has nothing to do with when it is hosted. Anyone that is awarded one has until the end of the year to host one. Even though only 500+ events are published, theoretically 6000 have been awarded. 

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