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  1. I've had a few instances where I've been standing right at the blue dot on the map, but the question won't unlock. I usually have to restart the app, walk out and then back into the area for it work.
  2. I did that once and got yelled at by the CO. They said there was to much information to help people eliminate search areas.
  3. If its an older challenge (Pre Checkers), the CO might not even be aware that a checker exists, or know how to link it to the cache page. I've seen a several checker requests that start with "This isn't my challenge, but can a checker be made for...."
  4. I've never posted in the Off Topics forum and even I think its a bad idea to take it away.
  5. I've had a couple low ratings on my Lab, because it required a little more work. If it takes more than 10 brain cells, labs get lower ratings.
  6. So a chronological order of when I found caches is no longer possible? "Last Found" isn't the same as "Found By Me". I'm trying to see all the caches I found in December, on the day I found them, and I can't figure out how to do it now. It shouldn't be this difficult.
  7. When I go into another cacher's finds, am I just blind and not seeing date found field? We have puzzle caches around me that reply on seeing when CO's found certain caches. Its also weird I can't see when I found a cache.
  8. Not being able to retrieve my own archived events is kind of frustrating.
  9. I see where this was been mentioned in the Release Note section. I should have checked there first.
  10. I don't know how long this feature has been out (I don't think that long) but when I go to a cachers hidden caches, it won't show all their caches. Just the active ones. I don't like this. If I'm view someone's hidden caches, I want to see them all. Maybe this is a bug, but not happy with the current setup. EDIT: I just checked mine, and none of my archived caches show up. Not even the events. SECOND EDIT: This also applies to found caches. Archived caches just aren't retrievable now.
  11. Is it 20 Favorite Points for a single caches or cumulative across all owned caches?
  12. Not for this specific situation, but I've also seen these type of markers get moved due to construction.
  13. Don't over estimate how many caches you can get. My rule of thumb is 15 minutes per cache. This includes parking, walking to the cache, finding, sighing, rehiding and walking back to the car.
  14. 2 years? Since Adventure Labs are based upon Lab Caches... this has been a beta project for over 7 years.
  15. No. Don't remove it. Some Lab Caches I've done are a journey through history. There is a reason they are sequential.
  16. So, based upon just your posting, I would say that your personal phone is the problem and not smartphone in general. Maybe the GPS chip is damaged. Or maybe its the antenna. Maybe some internal setting is configured incorrectly. But, just because the phone that is physically in your hand is not working to your expectation, does not mean that fundamentally they are all like that. If your GPSr malfunctions, do you blame the unit or all GPSrs?
  17. It all comes down to what you like. GPSr users need to stop bashing those the use a smartphone. And smartphone users need to stop trying to convince GPSr users that they need to switch. Both are perfectly acceptable options.
  18. Ever since I could cache with a phone, I have. I've never had an issue and the more recent phones have much better battery. There are pros and cons, it just depends on your caching style. I've cached in areas with no cell service and in the middle of cities. Makes no difference. I've gone out with people that use a dedicated GPSr unit... somedays I'm a few feet off, other days they are a few feet off. As far as placing a cache, I have a GPS Averaging app that works just fine.
  19. I found a way!!! If you have the QR code, and scan it with the camera app on your phone, it will launch the Adventure Lab app and you can see that set.
  20. Is there a way to view archived Labs in the Adventure Labs App? I want to view the journal entries of a now archived lab.
  21. As I said, I just want this for stats analysis. The macro helped facilitate that. Project-GC already has access to the Lab Cache data (though I have no clue how much access). It just would be nice to not have to rely on a website to do something we could do ourselves. If Groundspeak had a MyFindAdventureLab function, at least this part of the frustration would go away.
  22. Is that just a mock up? Because I don't have that option... that would be a pretty good feature if we could get it.
  23. Most of the post in this thread are about those that used the macro to plan for the future. I did not use the macro for that. Instead I used it to download those caches that I found. I know I could add them one at a time into GSAK, but the macro made it so much better. Since Adventure Labs are not included in the My Finds Pocket Query. It would be nice if there was some access to this set of information so that those user that like to track their finds with GSAK can do so, without manually entering every single point. Project-GC has access to this information, not sure why GSAK can't
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