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  1. I found a way!!! If you have the QR code, and scan it with the camera app on your phone, it will launch the Adventure Lab app and you can see that set.
  2. Is there a way to view archived Labs in the Adventure Labs App? I want to view the journal entries of a now archived lab.
  3. As I said, I just want this for stats analysis. The macro helped facilitate that. Project-GC already has access to the Lab Cache data (though I have no clue how much access). It just would be nice to not have to rely on a website to do something we could do ourselves. If Groundspeak had a MyFindAdventureLab function, at least this part of the frustration would go away.
  4. Is that just a mock up? Because I don't have that option... that would be a pretty good feature if we could get it.
  5. Most of the post in this thread are about those that used the macro to plan for the future. I did not use the macro for that. Instead I used it to download those caches that I found. I know I could add them one at a time into GSAK, but the macro made it so much better. Since Adventure Labs are not included in the My Finds Pocket Query. It would be nice if there was some access to this set of information so that those user that like to track their finds with GSAK can do so, without manually entering every single point. Project-GC has access to this information, not sure why GSAK can't
  6. I've lost track a bit... but I want to verify what I think is correct We have until the end of 2022 to log the: Find Signal the Frog® - Locationless in 2020 cache ( https://coord.info/GC8FR0G ) We have until the end of 2021 to log the: Let’s improve the outdoors - Locationless Cache ( https://coord.info/GC8NEAT ) What is the deadline for hosting a Community Event?
  7. I'm really surprised that no fix has been found after three days. If there was an alternative way to view PQ it wouldn't be so bad.
  8. I think I can mention them here... Project - GC or GSAK
  9. How is this any different than if two different geocachers place multi's in a park? You might have to play leap frog with those coordinates and have to switch between the caches. Yes yes, I know the whole distance thing is different, but that not what you are posting about.
  10. Did you see the reference picture right under the GeoArt image?
  11. I think the line is how much control the CO is flexing. If a cache is placed in an area with known, consistent and posted times, I can plan ahead and I'd be ok with that. If the CO is, as the OP posted: 'releasing the coordinates every 7-10 days', its the luck of the draw of when the cache is available.
  12. Premium Member 15348 Found it Jan/11/2021 I want to thank myself for placing and my well deserved FTF. Favorite for FTF. More later --------------------------- Published under a sock puppet account. Found under their main account.
  13. Fun note about lamp post skirt hides in the winter. While you would think a lamp post in a parking lot is accessible year round, that lamp post just might be where they end up piling all the snow from the lot. There have been a few times that I've approached a lamp post, only to turn around because there is a 10 foot pile of snow right at GZ. Depending on how bad the winter is, it could be closer to summer before all the snow has melted.
  14. And that is where region subjectivity creeps in. "Not Available During Winter" around me simply means in will get covered by snow, when it does snow. It doesn't mean you shouldn't look for it, but rather it will be much harder to find. "Seasonal Access" is a much better attribute to indicate that you might not be able to search at all during the winter.
  15. The definition changes depending on where you live. The two definitions that I've seen for "Not Available": 1) In areas that get a lot of snow, it usually indicates that the cache might get covered in snow. 2) In areas that have seasonal access, it usually indicates that an area is close during the winter. And of course "Is Available" is the opposite of those two.
  16. Yeah.. the Utah looked like it was carefully planned. The Romania one looked like to was cobbled together from left over scraps.
  17. There stills to appear to be a time stamp bug in regards to Local Time vs Coordinated Universal Time. I have at least one Lab that the Complete date is recorded on the wrong date. I logged a Lab at 6pm Pacific Time , but the date was time shifted to the next day because that is 2am UTC.
  18. Its one of my wishes that Labs caches could have their dates edited. Each stage has a Complete date, so why can't the Completed date be editable? Its just a database entry. You can edit the date on all other caches.
  19. Looking at trails maps, and if I was visiting the area, I would park at [33.090721, -96.707246]
  20. Sounds like the Preserve has allowed to OP to place caches in the preserve and has also appointed the OP as the manager of any future placements. No conflict.
  21. A long standing irk.... people that casually refer to Geocaching.com as GC,Com. This is especially irksome when it is typed out and auto hyperlinked. I wouldn't be bothered if GC,com wasn't an actual website, but it is,
  22. Same thing could be said about paddle caches. There are over 100 such caches near me and there are people that won't be able to get them. Currently there are only about a dozen bonus caches near me.
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