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BUG: Finds in AL app and actual finds differ


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I noticed a while ago that the finds listed in the Adventure Lab app and my finds listed on Geocaching.com don't match. First the app didn't update for a few weeks when I made new finds, now it is saying I have six more finds than I actually do. 


I reinstalled the app and it updated before, but I don't really want to reinstall the app every time I want to use it. 


I am using an android device, Galaxy S9

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Yes, I saw this happening also.  The Adventure lab app does NOT update your finds (except for upping the count as you progress through the AL) and sync with geocaching.com unless you log out of the app and then back in again; then it will reflect your current find count (including AL's).  That count won't change in the AL app unless you do another AL, or log out and back in.

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7 hours ago, Crazedllama said:

Logging out and back in again is quite annoying. This is still a bug that should be fixed. 

Agreed.  I don't log out of the geocaching.com official app, and it normally does stay syncedwith the website. I don't log out of most apps, except those that log me out automatically after so long for security reasons.  So having to update this one to see live numbers by logging out and back in IS annoying.  I have ignored it, and just used the app to find the lab stages, as well as doing other caching along the way.  It doesn't affect your "real" numbers, only the display within the AL app.  Every so often I'll log out and in just to update the number that I see.

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