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  1. Thanks everyone. The Adventure Lab is gone.
  2. Hello, I am the geocaching community volunteer translator for the Korean language. I live in South Korea. There appears to be a French geocacher who has created an AL in Pyongyang against Geocaching, Adventure Lab, and regional guidelines. There are also a multitude of obvious spoofers who have logged it. I have reported the AL. I would like to ask others to report this AL as well to make sure that it is deleted by HQ. Thanks
  3. I recently tested an adventure lab for a friend. I had previously given them advice that they should stick to the two hours, but that spots could be further away. Then I tested the lab. It took almost exactly two hours and had me riding public transportation most of the time. While I enjoyed the places he highlited in his lab, it was quite tedious traveling so much. I changed my recommendations to him to make it quicker and more walkable, or out of town cachers probably wouldn't bother with several of the stops. Furthermore, If they don't complete the adventure at this time, a cacher can't leave feedback. I also own an AL that can be finished in about 30 minutes by walking. It's a place I enjoy walking around a lot. Friends have also enjoyed it.
  4. Yet another false discovery today that said they discovered my trackable online. It was drdrkxz. I had to lock the trackable.
  5. Delete the test and then start a new test. It has solved this problem for myself and others in this forum in the past.
  6. One more coin of mine fell victim today to a false discovery. Groundspeak must have caught it before I woke up and have already deleted the log. It was Paintballvet18.
  7. This same account just logged one of my coins that they had never seen with a log that just says "Check"
  8. Essentially the hospitals are already overloaded in much of the world, and any injury, (hiking related injuries, getting lost or stuck, broken or injured bones, car accidents) is going to go untreated for an extended and possibly life threatening amount of time. Hospitals are also afraid that anyone showing up with a non-corona related medical issue may walk away from an emergency room with Corona. Really, it's just better to follow regional guidelines and medical experts advice. I'm in Korea and we've been dealing with the Corona Virus fora while. I'm glad that the Korean government took things seriously here early on and have "flattened the curve." We're almost through this here. Going back to the original topic. I think that disabling caches should be up to the owner and their regional advice, some areas may need it, some may not.
  9. I believe that the credit is consumed as soon as you start creating the adventure. That's when my credit disappeared. There was probably some confusion when you emailed Groundspeak and they credited you an extra adventure.
  10. Agreed, Insadong has a great cache too with all the touristy stuff anyone would want. Most of the area is off limits to cars, not sure why anyone would want to drive through there anyway. I know you hiked Gwanaksan too, did you see the cats there? Actually, cats are on most mountains in Korea. I always found that interesting too. Next time you come back let one of the locals know and we can try showing you some more remote mountains or regions in the country.
  11. Seoul has great caching. Hopefully things with the virus clear up and borders start opening up again. Before you come, if you want to send me a message I can give you recommendations on some of the best caches in the area. Namsan in the center of the city and following the path of the three virtuals is what most tourists do. I've set up the first Adventure Lab in the city in a nice historic district too. There's so much in Seoul to enjoy. Seven years in and I'm still finding new and amazing places.
  12. I had this problem with my lab when I first had it in test mode. I deleted the test on the computer and made sure the test on the app was removed too. Then I started a new test. That fixed the problem and I haven't had an issue since.
  13. Just like undertaking a T5 cache is at the geocacher's discretion so should going to an event during this time. If you don't want to go, don't. I've attended several events in Korea while this has been going on and I've had no problems. I would definitely go to more without anticipating any problems. Edit: Turns out Korea is about the safest place in the world right now. If I were anywhere else, I would be in isolation.
  14. I'm in Korea. Everything is starting to get back to normal here. Except for the facemasks, everyone is still wearing those. I've kept caching as much as I could during all of this.
  15. Logging out and back in again is quite annoying. This is still a bug that should be fixed.
  16. I noticed a while ago that the finds listed in the Adventure Lab app and my finds listed on Geocaching.com don't match. First the app didn't update for a few weeks when I made new finds, now it is saying I have six more finds than I actually do. I reinstalled the app and it updated before, but I don't really want to reinstall the app every time I want to use it. I am using an android device, Galaxy S9
  17. What you should probably do is report the adventure. I believe this is the equivalent of a "Needs Maintenance" log in regular geocaching. The owner of the Adventure lab should be able to change the answer or basic elements of that stage. There have been a lot of logs complaining about that stage. Maybe someone should act on it. Or you can also contact the owner directly. It is listed as created by CCGT
  18. I also had to keep my descriptions short because I used two different languages. Sometimes I had to leave out important information in one of the languages because of the extremely limited character limit.
  19. I had that same problem on my first test. I deleted the test and then started a new test. I haven't had any problems after that.
  20. I was creating my lab and noticed that when I entered the coordinates and clicked the "view on map" button nothing happens. I was using Chrome browser on windows 10. I switched to my android device and can click the button with no problem. Entered coordinates stay saved, when I update the location. The map just stays as a global projection and I cannot view a zoomed in map with the pin showing its location.
  21. Using the Map Hidden Date option in the tools tab on Project GC will help you find a cache on a day and month you haven't. You can also loop that using the add filter option if you have found a cache on that particular day and month already.
  22. I do most of my geocaching in South Korea. One day while hiking south of Seoul, I was looking for a geocache under a footbridge halfway up a mountain when a Buddhist Monk from the nearby temple saw me and accused me of being a North Korean Spy. I rolled my eyes and tried to explain what I was doing, but just ended up walking away with a dnf because of the situation was so ridiculous.
  23. If I hadn't started geocaching I wouldn't have met many of my best friends. I'm from Utah, USA, but I started geocaching in Korea. Living in Seoul, I've met and made friends with geocachers around the world. Before geocaching I only went to a few tourist places in Seoul. After geocaching, I've been all over the country and discovered amazing things that most Korean people don't know are in their own country. Then I visited family in Utah and was amazed to discover things I didn't know about in my own hometown.
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