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Editing after going live


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32 minutes ago, rustynails. said:

Anyone have problems editing after your Lab goes live?

Not, if you only change the content of one of your locations (wording, solution, journal entry, etc.). What you should definitely not do is add or remove locations. Then the players who have already played your adventure before the change will have weird issues with your adventure in the app.

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4 hours ago, mr.jonesy said:

For me the wording on the original builders was 'vague', implying that it couldn't be edited at all after it was live due to 'Sych issues', I did slightly modify one of my locations after it was live to correct a typo and the world didn't end so assumed things were not as carved in stone as it made out.


Has that now changed? *quickly read the builders guide* it seems it has as there seems to be no mention of that any longer

There were severe issues in the early versions of the app. The ALC owner would change a question (e.g. because a sign on location had been changed), and the app wouldn't properly update the Adventure on the player's phone. But AFAIK these issues have been fixed a while ago.


4 hours ago, mr.jonesy said:

Hmm, so I can change text/wording/solutions etc? interesting, might have a look at changing some of mine to make the journal questions less guessable and stop the many many armchair spoofers from having a go, and yes, I've got lots of those, some of my answers are number based so I'm guessing some sad sacks will sit there and keep randomly bashing numbers until they hit the right one

I regularly change some details in my questions for this very reason. It's been working without issue since quite a while.

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5 hours ago, mr.jonesy said:


Well, that is interesting, might have been nice to have had that info communicated, but hey ho , I might set about mine after the weekend and give it a little tweak, hindsight is a wonderful thing and on reflection I hadn't banked on gps spoofing saddos literally having no life and guessing away at numbers , and before anyone asks, yeah I'm 99.9% convinced of the spoofers, I mean, would you fly 1000's of miles from your home location, do no other caches other than 4 out of 5 lab caches , even though the route around them takes past multiple trads, several earth caches and ends up at the location of a virtual, would anyone really do that? not log a single other cache on the way round?


I would definitely log the virtual, maybe the easier earth caches and only the traditional if it can be seen from one of your alc stages.

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2 hours ago, mr.jonesy said:

I did think about putting a roll call of shame up somewhere on my lab bonus page

Interesting that you mention the idea. I did exactly this in the bonus cache of my lab. Under the heading "Hall of Shame", I listed all armchair loggers of my ALC, together with the evidence (e.g. completion of all 5 stages within 5 minutes or less, which is physically impossible).


However, that didn't go well at all with Groundspeak. One of the cheaters complained in an NA (via a sock-puppet, and using language I consider derogatory), and my listing was locked without warning. Later, GS removed the "Hall of Shame" from my listing, contacted me and told me clearly that they don't tolerate such a list in a public geocache listing. I was, let's phrase it mildly, disappointed :( .


For all other cache types, you also can't prevent cheating. But the armchair-loggers at least can't hide in anonymity. If someone logs caches all over the world in a single day, it's clear what's going on. Large-style armchair logging by a cacher is noticed by the community sooner or later. Not so for lab caches - you don't see which lab caches someone logged, let alone when they did. A public exposure of cheaters would be the only option. Sadly, GS doesn't concur.

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There is certainly something going on that we don't understand.  Perhaps there is some kind of satisfaction from gathering information from one place on line and then actually being able to use that information at another unrelated location on line.  Perhaps there is extra motivation because we are unable to delete adventure lab (or trackable) logs.

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