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  1. I some areas the terrain is judged by height from level ground. A magnetic cache placed 15ft up a lamppost could be a 4T. Whatever the hider rates it, is what it is.
  2. No total but broken down by county numbers. Must add all countys.
  3. Is there anyway to know the number of caches hidden for each state ? Yes, I know the numbers continue to change with additions and archiving.
  4. It's important to hide only Official Geocaches.
  5. Getting a premium membership is the easiest and best way. You'll be surprised at all the fun you're missing.
  6. Five days and no response from HQ ?
  7. Pokemon Go and geocaching are two different activities and not the same. I search for real tupperware in the woods not imaginary things.
  8. We in the north don't hibernate in the winter. We might slow down a bit, but we do get out and satisfy our geocaching itch. No bugs or poison plants to deal with. Winter is the time for island caches if you don't own a boat. I've cached in sub-zero weather and had fun. Those living in colder climates know how to handle winter and enjoy it.
  9. I've been stopped many times usually at Welcome To signs small and large. I always cooperated with law enforcement and explain our activity. Most know about geocaching and a few want to try themselves. After learning everything is okay they'll say have fun or have a nice day. Law enforcement is just doing their job and I'm thankful we have them. Remember our activity is a legal one and you shouldn't be afraid to have fun doing it.
  10. Some people have an expanded view of what they think is their property. Or, maybe you got to close to their moonshine still.
  11. It's been at least an hour. Any updates on this? Should have been a quick temporary fix considering they fix the same problem at least once before.
  12. Hopefully they do a permanent fix this time.
  13. Same, this issue happened recently and they still haven't figured it out. It usually happens weekend mornings.
  14. There was never a need to read a description. All you have to do is answer a question. Example: What color is the sky ?
  15. It's broken again. Waiting with many others for a fix.
  16. Wrong, logging in is still broken.
  17. More problems with the website, my account won't log in. What's it this time ?
  18. AX-MAN surplus store. https://www.ax-man.com/ Lots of different size containers and weird stuff for cache hides. Also tott items.
  19. Just received this evening. Hello rustynails., Your geocache, Don't Climb the Pine Tree (GC4QFHN), looks like it might need some attention. Yes. computers can't read. I never expected their computer could read logs.
  20. Not changing D/T. In this area we define this style hide as high terrain. Also the topic is health scores not terrain.
  21. 1 1/2 D and 4 1/2 T https://coord.info/GC4QFHN
  22. This feature's appears defective. I have a cache that HQ's computer has indicated on my cache owner dashboard as low health. The last three logs are dnf-find-find. The dnf logged states they could see it but not able to retrieve due to their tool not up to the task. There are NO needs maintenance logs. You should always review logs before doing a maintenance run, glad I did. Never ever trust a computer.
  23. Sadly large events can happen in South Dakota. The Governor had no problem inviting hundreds of thousands to Sturgis. I know a caching events happen with one that I know last month.
  24. I did have full phone coverage when this happened. For some mysterious reason I couldn't get close enough to trigger the question.
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