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  1. I live in a medium size community and at 1000 finds (many of which were found while traveling) I've already depleted the local cache pool, and not that many new ones get published. So yeah, I feel you OP. But I still look forward to doing some geocaching whenever I go somewhere new. Earlier this year I went to the San Juan islands (Washington state USA) and got quite a few caches while I was there. I'm not going to be getting any impressive day-after-day streaks, but geocaching is still something I'm involved in, even when I can't grab one at home just any ol' time I want to.
  2. I have several caches on islands, terrain rating 5. I like them! I made sure to get the proper permissions, but that doesn't sound like a problem for your island! They don't get a lot of traffic though. Not that I was expecting a lot. But don't be surprised if your cache is only rarely found (not sure how many avid canoers/etc are in your area).
  3. Alright I found it. I think I was at a disadvantage for trying this on my mobile device.
  4. I looked through all the raw images taken by WATSON and SHERLOC and couldn’t figure it out. Tried some of the number sequences I saw but they were not correct. Now I feel like a dummy
  5. I will argue with you that mine was doing something different. I would delete Geocache1.gpx from the Garmin device, and then on geocaching.com I would send “some geocache list” to garmin, it would open in Garmin express and download and give me a green status “all finished”, then I would eject the Garmin and observe that “Geocache1” was still loaded on the device, and also “some geocache list” was NOT loaded on the device. Once I had successfully deleted “geocache1” from the device as described above, and then separately sending in the list, did it work. Smells like a bug in the Garmin express software, if you ask me, but I’m no expert.
  6. Yes, this process seems straightforward but WAS NOT working when I had Garmin express open (attempted 3 times). It worked when I did not use Garmin express.
  7. Yes, I wanted to look into this but I’m not tech savvy enough to figure out how. The user interface for Garmin express is extremely bare bones. For now I got things set up how I want for my trip and I’m calling it good.
  8. Okay it was some kind of Garmin Express problem. It was somehow resetting old downloads instead of the new one that I wanted. But by deleting the GPX files off my Garmin (GPX folder, not GGZ as their website says) with the Garmin Express NOT RUNNING, and making sure to eject the Garmin from the computer, I was able to make the deletion stick. Then I was able to download my new geocaches as normal. Thanks for any who took a look here and gave it some thought.
  9. I think I've narrowed the problem to Garmin Express program, it's doing unusual things. I closed that completely and deleted the files off the Garmin, and now they're gone! I'm just concerned that if I try to load any geocaches back onto my Garmin, it's going to reload the OLD ones and not the ones I want... Only one way to find out...
  10. Yep, how quaint. First problem there is that there is no "GGZ folder" anywhere. Yes my software is up to date. Okay well there is a "GPX" folder and it contains files with names of geocaching lists and stuff I've downloaded. I delete those and then eject the Garmin and then when I plug it back in, the files are still there!! I've done it 3 times now... Also can't seem to get new ones onto the Garmin, using Garmin express it says they've successfully downloaded, but they're clearly not on the Garmin. Maybe it's a device-specific problem? Time to chuck it in the river...?
  11. I can't believe I couldn't figure this out with internet searching, but here I am. How do I delete geocaches off of my etrex 30x???
  12. I have also found a WalMart parking lot hide that wasn't associated with a lamp post. It was very creatively done! GC6WV0R
  13. Heheh the questions you raised have actually been discussed to death already, many times, and everyone has their responses ready on the tips of their tongues!
  14. If I get a TB in the field I may log it right away so that I can have it visit further caches that I go to, and perhaps drop it in another cache before I even go home. That's if I'm logging in the field, which I don't always do, but sometimes yeah. If I see the TB was physically but not digitally in the cache I wouldn't really think twice about it, it's really common. Everyone knows that TB logging is a big mess. If I were the one that hadn't had a chance to log it yet, I'd just shrug it off. No big deal. I would understand the above situation. Now if I were expected to have to write down the logging notes and keep track of this thing just because someone else didn't log it *yet* (and based off of past experiences, who knows when/if they ever will) then that is what is truly irksome. So now I can't visit it to other caches that day, unless I log it later as "write a note"? Now I have to carefully keep notes on where I put it, if I put it in another cache? No thanks.
  15. In my opinion, the best geocaching is done outside of city boundaries anyway!
  16. In my state, a cache that is close enough to a major highway that even the perception of being able to pull over on the highway is sufficient to get close to it (even if that is not the intent, even if you explicitly state on your cache page NOT to do that) is simply not publishable. Some are close to highways but it's clear that those ones are not accessible by highway so they are allowed. In this case it doesn't seem tenable. I would forget this idea.
  17. Many people have temporarily disabled their geocaches at this point, so that may be what's going on.
  18. Try https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ it’s basically the first thing that googles up if you look for statistics. You could have found it easily yourself if you wanted. Check out the chart of world deaths. Check out the trajectory of that chart. Ask yourself what the ceiling is. Well, nobody knows, but it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to look at that trajectory and start wondering. The news is already reporting healthcare systems being overwhelmed to the point where not everyone can receive the healthcare they need. That’s the truly scary part in all this and it is the justification for lockdown. I’m not trying to spread panic but honestly, as a hospitalist who is already seeing this unfold with my own eyes (and we are barely getting started), I hope people will take this more seriously. As to disabling caches, personally I’m not going to, as mine are low traffic or else out of the urban area anyway, but I can respect others doing it as a way to send a message about the seriousness of sheltering where you are.
  19. My brother was chatting with Dr Jay (world record streak holder) and he has accepted that he can’t go on any cruises because it’s impossible to maintain the streak. I guess it just depends on your priorities - the streak or the job?? For reference https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?guid=07c0a989-f408-485d-bc14-57c4c76e28d5&tab=stats#profilepanel Apparently he’s found a cache every single day since Jan 25, 2007....
  20. My AL may be having some issues with muggles so I hope its adaptable...
  21. Do you think the TB issue is changed much with the recent profile stats change? TB's are no longer reported now when you view someone's profile, having been replaced by favorite points. Seems like a lot of these folks will lose interest rapidly in "farming" these TB discoveries, or whatever you wanna call it, now that their Really Big TB Number won't be displayed readily on their profile page?
  22. Do you think the TB issue is changed much with the recent profile stats change? TB's are no longer reported now when you view someone's profile, having been replaced by favorite points. Seems like a lot of these folks will lose interest rapidly in "farming" these TB discoveries, or whatever you wanna call it, now that their Really Big TB Number won't be displayed readily on their profile page?
  23. I also wonder how this applies to temporary / mega labs
  24. Greetings Korichnovui, Thank you for helping Geocaching HQ experiment with the Adventure Lab platform! With over 1,800 public Adventures worldwide, we’ve made some important changes and updated the guidelines. As we continue to expand the platform, we want to keep you informed. News: New deadline: If your Adventure is not yet live, you have until May 1, 2020 to make it public. Unsure if you still have an Adventure credit? Log into the Adventure Lab Builder. Updated tips: Looking for inspiration? We’ve updated our Tips on how to create an enjoyable Adventure Lab experience. Geofencing changes: Soon we will require a Geofence for each stage of an Adventure. All Adventures without Geofencing will be updated to have the maximum allowable radius. Guideline updates: Improved instructions: We’ve updated the adventure lab builder guide to include new step-by-step instructions. Guideline changes: We’ve updated the Adventure Lab guidelines with these key changes: Physical objects or containers are no longer allowed in the Adventure (bonus caches published on Geocaching.com for completed Adventures are okay). Players must physically visit Adventure locations. Note: Adventures that were public before February 10, 2020 are allowed to continue under the previous guidelines but this is subject to change if for example, we receive complaints about a particular Adventure or other issues arise. We will continue to invest in the platform and we look forward to seeing many more Adventures go live in 2020! For further information, please visit our Help Center.
  25. Well, I just got an email about updates to adventure lab guidelines and physical object placement is no longer allowed for labs, so forget my advice!
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