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GPS Week Number Roll Over


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I just got a notice from Verizon about GPS Week Number Roll Over which stated that "Starting November 3, 2019 for specific devices manufactured between 2006-2016, users may experience Global Positioning System location related issues".   


Per Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPS_Week_Number_Rollover "products that were affected by the rollover include cellphones that were sold in 2013 or earlier".  


As I plan on out of town when this starts and geocaching will my phone GPS work.  Not sure if what if anything can be done.

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17 hours ago, cerberus1 said:

Your thread header says GPS.    Is it sorta like what was supposedly gonna happen here in April as well ?     :)

Remember y2k ?      :D

I'll just wait n see now.  Haven't had any issues earlier, even with a blue legend I still use time-to-time just for the heck of it...  

Yes it sounds like the same as April.  It is just what I noticed on my Verizon Bill doing their CYA and was concerned that I would be out caching and everything would go dumb.  


I have and when the phone losses service use my old Garmin GPS V but both it and my Garmin Nuvi show the same location.  Will just have to wait and see and maybe use orienteering to find caches after Nov 3.


I wouldn't mind being stuck in 1989.

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