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  1. Late reply from 2022. Search eBay etc for "rubber buttons etrex". I got 2 rubber bands to glue them to the GPS. Works like charm now
  2. errvee

    URWIGO builder

    Put the link "http://apps.yourself.cz/urwigo/setup.exe" to new tab (in browser). Then download will start. Seems to work on Win10
  3. Hi! Some caches have so-called "closed periods" when you can't visit site - birds nesting etc. So, my idea: add closing and opening dates to cache listing and let website automatically disable and enable cache when needed (without reviewer on CO action)
  4. On my Nuvi550 time is correct, but date is off. I can see this wrong date on GPX data files and incorrect day/night (color) changes. It's related to actual sunrise/sunset Missing too this update
  5. You can also look this webpage: Russian Geocaching Official Site "Most of Russian cashes are not available at geocaching.com. About 8000 caches are described on this site. The complete Russian caches list can be found at http://www.geocaching.su/?pn=101"
  6. When I select "View Larger Map" then how can I identify "this cache". There might be tens/hundreds other caches around on the map. Maybe different color for actual cache? "Zooming in" is another option.
  7. One solution is add new type of log - Personal note. Only logger, as owner can see it (this is also in his GPX file and in GPS) and edit it as needed. And this personal note is always first log for him, above all others best, RV
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