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Are Groundspeak planning to allow everyone create 'adventures' in the future?

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Seeing as we have been deemed not worthy of taking part in the last two swathes of lab cache releases (or Virtual Rewards for that matter), I'd be interested to know what future plans are afoot for this type of 'cache'
Are there plans to allow everyone create 'adventures' at some point in the future?


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i feel curious towards this too. i have made a ton of wherigos and earthcaches, and understand how lab caches work. but didnt qualify because i havent found 2 labs. as of recently i got 40 in one day so i qualify now but i really hope they either do another batch or allow everyone to place them.

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We are looking at making the builder experience better before we ask for more help.  We've learned a lot about what is working and what is not this summer.   We are looking at what it takes to support more people, like yourselves, who want credits to build.  Look for an update on this topic in November.

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Hello all, 

Thank you so much for your interest in creating Adventures! 


We are still in the experimental phase of Adventure Lab (the team is very small, but mighty). That being the case, we are currently selecting geocachers regularly (and slowly) from an algorithm that includes being in locations that we are targeting for Adventures. 


Thank you for your patience as we work on fine-tuning the Adventure Lab platform. 

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Patience Geocacher Patience's.....


As a Adventure Lab Builder I'm following the CDC's Guidelines & staying at Home. My Lab is put on hold until CDC lifts it's requirement & besides my wife's Masters was paid for by the CDC & she will not allow me out except for the Horse Stables & the horses are happy to see me. They always find the hidden Peppermints in my Barn coat.

So kick back enjoy a couple of good books take in a couple of movies on the TV....

Now is a great time use your spare time to create a Great Cache Container to be placed once we can all go out & play without causing Health risk to others.

Find Peace within...

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