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  1. i had an issue with a lady where, there was a brick wall in a public park, on the other side of the brick wall there was about a 5ft gap between her fence and her property. i climbed up the wall a little bit to put a cache. she was livid. she came barreling out screaming that i was trespassing and that she wanted my name and wanted to know if i was from around here. i was so tempted to say something funny, but i needed to stay civil during this, so i said that i was leaving and i left. im still scared to go back to that park again. thats the worst ive experienced. So Far...
  2. First Off Welcome To The Game! There are many great people in this game just like you, they follow the rules, they are nice, and they listen to what the reviewer has to say. but there is a select few people here in ontario that really mistreat the reviewers. they "bend" the guidelines. instead of moving the cache like the reviewer says you have to, they argue back. there is ALOT of hate towards reviewers and they dont deserve it at all. The Reviewers are people, just like you and i are, no one deserves to be treated badly. the world needs peace and happiness now more then ever.
  3. i usually just find a list of cachers and go down it to try to find out. i do think it is kinda biased against the people who dont have PGC premium as they can only use a checker 5 times a day. i guess it is possible to do it manually but it takes ALOT longer.
  4. I can totally agree with this statement as many of my caches have had issues with nasty landowners but i find that for almost as many nasty ones that we have there are also some great ones who help the cachers find the cache or chat with them. ive had alot of really great people who ive thought were gonna be angry, and turned out to be super nice. i think its like a glass half full or half empty situation
  5. if this is true, that sucks. i use that feature alot and im sure many others do too. Who knows though. maybe its for the better.
  6. It may seem like a great idea for a while but sadly it never ends well... we have a cache in my area thats in a train tunnel... well its one of the brick ones and people keep pulling out the bricks and the entire tunnel is just destroyed due to it. if you are going to do one that isnt in the wall put a hint saying not to move anything...
  7. yeah it depends where you are... up here people go to hotels every day to specifically pick up trackables and move them to their mission...
  8. yeah... i wouldnt care too much about it... if you really care about it then just send a friendly message to the cacher who claimed the FTF
  9. There Is A North American Map Created By @DougyB https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?fbclid=IwAR0OxgQAjAXAcZAhtq7VxUrutl6kQZkbTHgLlZRt5acJNXmJZXWB4W7LDqM&mid=1EXVi2tdn77r89tHLY11Vl6XJV8NW9wiB&ll=42.39866842319026%2C-78.46363823270013&z=8
  10. phew.... thank goodness. i had to try to sort out all my earthcache answers and people logging them without any messages...
  11. yeah grabbing a TB is totally allowed... and i dont think it even helps how much the cache is found for someone to take it, as sometimes caches that get visited every day, dont get TBs Picked Up, for example i have had a ton of TBs Dropped in mingo and only about 3 came back out after like 6 months. I reccoment dropping it in a Travel Bug Hotel as they are visited by people who are looking for TBs to take with them
  12. im really bad for doing that... then never getting around to doing it, and then the caches get archived lol
  13. yeah i dont know why you cant just have all cache types as a notification... the amount of times a multi or something came out near home that i didnt get because i forgot multis was brutal
  14. i think the fun of gadget caches is not expecting them. so i wouldnt really like a filter. i like to go up to caches expecting some bison in a cedar tree and getting there and seeing a gadget birdhouse. although you can filter for favorite points, which most likely will give you unique and gadget caches
  15. i agree with this... i dont see a reason why GS would want to revoke API keys without a reason. i think that GS would if anything be happy if he got his API key back, as its something that is supporting the geocaching community and making the game a better place.
  16. so... id contact the owner first and see what they say... if you still think it breaks the guidelines then contact your reviewer. maybe they are just a new cacher.
  17. so ive had this issue with one of my gadget caches, its a birdhouse that you pull out the perch, but when it rains it swells, usually it doesnt get too bad and there isnt that many cachers who find it when its wet. but i saw one when i visited somewhere else where they used a metal perch for it and it didnt swell so that may help your issue. but if not, as much as it sucks to add a note just saying that you dont reccomend getting it after its rained, it might be your only choice. i also believe you might be able to put a finish on the wood.
  18. so the button is back up and working again. but as much as i think that we need a way to award people for good logs... a "great story" isnt really gonna give people a reason to write a good log.
  19. Kinda Adding On To This Ive put a geoart up for adoption before (about 25 caches) in like 20 mins. so it shouldnt be too hard doing 15....
  20. On Project GC You Can Use The Map Compare Feature To See Archived Caches In Your Area. Heres A Link https://project-gc.com/Tools/MapCompare?profile_name=Camroo&country=Canada&region=Ontario&nonefound=on&showarchived=on&submit=Filter you will need to replace some stuff with your name and counties.
  21. So I Have no idea what you are asking but if you are trying to edit an unpublished cache you should go to the hide a cache page and it will give you a list of your unpublished caches and caches that need maitnence. click on the cache you would like to edit, and on the sidebar there should be a edit button. from there you can edit it just like how you created the cache page.
  22. your lucky! i did a 100 day streak a while back and used up all of mine.
  23. ive seen it happen before on 3rd party apps but never on the official app
  24. Yeah like kunarion said, geocoins i dont reccomend putting out anything that is a nice solid piece of metal like that.. ive seen alot of people take pictures of the coin and attached the TB code to it.
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