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Problem With This Cache Or Is It Me?


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GC8C0JA ~ So much ivy


I ask because I just bought a Garmin eTrex30x and I'm just learning to use it, I had a Tritan 400 before. So I'm not sure if the problem is me, the eTrex, the cache file or something else


When I try to copy it to the GPX folder of the eTrex, I get a communication error.

I do seem to be able to load other caches though.


Also, a couple questions about the eTrex 30x...


Is there a way to delete caches from the unit?

Is there a way to sort the caches in alphabetical order?


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45 minutes ago, SkellyCA said:

I tried 3 different ways. First from the cache page, I clicked Download to Garmin. Second I downloaded the file and dragged it to the GPX folder of the unit. 3rd time I dragged the file to basecamp and uploaded it from there.



What is the exact error?


Try a different USB cable and a different USB port.  If it was working and then stopped working, something changed.



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2 hours ago, SkellyCA said:

Is there a way to delete caches from the unit?


Browse to "Garmin/GPX" and you see the GPX files there.  Delete the GPX files, and you delete those caches and waypoints.


I'm guessing there's some kind of physical connection problem that prevents further caches from loading.  But if you can view the contents of the Garmin/GPX folder, you can add and remove files without error.


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It finally started working yesterday afternoon. I have no idea what the issue was though. Maybe I had to wait 24 or something. I don't know. I'll try it again when a new cache pops up near me. I'm on a pc.


The error was something about not being able to connect to the device but it was only with that one cache, others worked fine.


Thank you all for your help!

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