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New Route 66 attractions & shops

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I have two items that I need help choosing the correct category. First is Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios, a vintage curio shop with Route 66 merchandise that opened in 2018. It’s located in an old 1950’s Pemco Gas Station on Route 66 in Tulsa, OK. 

The second is The Mother Road Market, 1124 S. Lewis Ave., a nonprofit project of the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation, featuring more than 20 restaurants and retail concepts. This includes some names Tulsans are familiar with, like Andolini’s, and others that are new. Some of the newcomers were part of Kitchen 66, a program of the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation that kickstarts Tulsans with great restaurant or food concepts, giving them kitchen space and business training. Now some of those Kitchen 66 graduates, including Bakeshop, Bodhi’s Bowl and Big Dipper Creamery, have space at Mother Road Market. It has Route 66 murals and merchandise too but its main focus is local vendors. 

Thanks for your help, Gramakitty aka Kathy



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The curio shop has a 21’ Muffler Man (I created a Waymark for him: Buck Atom Space Cowboy Muffer Man on 66), painted murals on the fence and an approximately 10’ tall yellow robot by the door. 

The Mother Road Market also has a mural and there’s a painted car. 



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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I did submit the curio shop under vintage gas stations repurposed.

Route 66 The Mother Road attractions must 1920-1984 vintage but Scenic By-ways is a possibility. All of the vendors are independent local businesses. Yes, I took pictures of the murals and the car. I’m not sure how the robot is  constructed. It actually looks like a large piñata. I may have several more waymarks to submit. 

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4 hours ago, gramakitty said:

Route 66 The Mother Road attractions must [be] 1920-1984 vintage

1950 ’s Pemco Gas  Station would be a fit, then.


2 hours ago, Max and 99 said:

Or leave a book registered on bookcrossing,com

Sneaky cool way of filling out a Lucky 7. Here, though, she probably already has Local Tourism Attractions.

So far, I'm seeing 6 of the requisite 7 Departments - Buildings, Business, Culture, Entertainment, History and Technology. Surely there's a sign of some sort there, maybe a UR Here Map (Signs). Then there's always a newspaper article (Waymarking Multifarious) to be found.


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