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  1. "Note that these requirements may be updated as submissions get reviewed and we (officers) reserve the right to update the category at anytime without any notice." So after peer review you can rewrite the entire category and/or in part?
  2. If you noticed, I did not include the categories that appeared once or twice. This was intentional, as there are occasional hiccups along the way and took this under consideration.
  3. Interesting. They most likely are not on my lists of categories that wayfrog approves.
  4. Let me start again. March to September 2021 (7 cycles) wayfrog approved approximately 160 different categories. Out of the 7 cycles 1 appeared 6 out of the 7 cycles 2 appeared 5 times 8 appeared 4 times 17 appeared 3 times This is an ongoing problem that is discussed many times on the forums, without any "real" solutions. 1. Enrollment is off 2. Reluctance to install new officers 3. Inactive leaders unwilling to resign and select a new leader. 4. Unfortunately several waymarkers have died and are still officers (some of which are in inactive categories) 5, Some leaders/officers are either unable or are no longer involved with Waymarking which brings us back to no. 3
  5. Sounds like a plan, however if there are not any active officers, who is going to discover it?
  6. "Groundspeak Admin reviewed" the most recent waymarks. 12 reviews from 6/22/2017 to 6/22/2021. Last officer review was 5/19/2017. I will note reading the declines the officer is knowledgeable.
  7. It is with the deepest regret, to inform the Waymarking community that Thot passed away. Mrs. Thot is the OP. The Outhouses category is under new management.
  8. September 1, 2021 is passed now, was premature. New guess November 17th, 2021
  9. Are you referring to the Outhouses Category? Or more general? A minimum of three officers including the leader.
  10. You are the leader of this group. If you are uninterested in continuing with this category just promote a new leader. Your enrollment is off. I would join the group and willing to take it over.
  11. Is it one of these? Space Flight Memorials and Exhibits Dollar Stores Outhouses Sundials Quilt Shops Abstract Public Sculptures Nature Centers Starbucks Stores Time Capsules Water Towers Off-Leash Dog Areas Payphones Windmills
  12. Do you mean the Historic St. Joseph Church? This is a beautiful church, have you been inside? Sorry can not help you with the chapel, can't even find a news article.
  13. What about km. vs miles? 1000 km = 621 miles Where is the cut off point?
  14. Don't shoot the messenger. This is a direct quote! As stated, " I quote <snip> " I did not originally post this, I just copied and quoted it.
  15. Oh, like Mountain Summit? Waaaay beyond my endurance level, but if there is a road to the top, I could do that. Named Mountain Gaps: Nope, not this either. Thanks for your thoughts on this dilemma. I checked People Names Places before posting on this forum and the mountain in question does not qualify. People named places: This category seeks to document places and structures named for a person. These include cities, towns, airports, bridges, dams or buildings. Please only submit man-made structures to this category. Not Accepted: Bodies of water Land structures (mountains, hills, fields, valleys, malls, plazas, etc.) Streets/highways Parks and Churches (these are covered by many other categories) Places named for religious deities or mythical figure
  16. Why a new category, when you have suggested twice to expand Figurative Sculptures. I quote <snip> "Categories should work on being more inclusive of new additions which might fit into their missions rather than go off in a different tangent with a new category 'to fill a new icon for their collection.'"
  17. Is there a category for geographical named places? I have a plaque about a mountain named after an early pioneer.
  18. You are not alone, I experience the same thing. Also it seems the visit date is in a different time zone. As an example I am in PST, if I post generally after 2:00 pm (or there about) it records the next day.
  19. Thank you for the suggestion. Charlie Lake Memorial
  20. This monument is about the loss of life in a overturned pontoon boat. Not quite a ship wreak. I know about Citizen Memorial. What about the accident? Is there a category for this? May 14, 1942 This monument is dedicated to the memory of the United States soldiers lost with the sinking of a US Corp of Engineers Pontoon Barge on May 14, 1942 at Charlie Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  21. From Monday, April 29, 2013 To Friday, July 30, 2021 Result: 3,015 days Or 8 years, 3 months, 2 days. Or 99 months, 2 days
  22. Cemetery Art By lumbricus, April 29, 2013 in Recruiting and Category Proposals
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