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Gregg 00SS

How do I display cache names to map of caches?

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Seems simple, but can't figure this out.  Have a .gpx with a bunch of caches I want to find.  I would like to be able to print maps of the caches with the names visible on the map.  Right now all I see are the macros for the caches, but no names.  Any help?  I do have gsak if that helps, even though I'm a novice user of it.

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You should be able to do this with the ‘Leaflet Maps V0.1’ macro in GSAK.

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I print maps and write the cache names on. I also use the maps to make field notes as I go.

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2 hours ago, Mausebiber said:

Something like this?




I'm impressed. Would like to be able to do that.

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Download GCSE.gsk macro and install it.

Download Garmin custom Symbols

create a directory under “my documents/my garmin/custom waypoints symbols”

place all files in the appropriate directory, here you can download the files and get instructions where to place them:


In the waypoint symbol directory now should be “garminother.txt” and the symbols.



Select the database you want to be displayed

-- If you have Mapsource installed:

Select  File – Export – Garmin Mapsource

Check “use macro for symbol generation”

Enter “GCSE.gsk

click Generate



-- If you have Bascamp installed:

Please read: 


on the right hand side click on the British flag to translate the site.


Hope this will work for you.


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Why not use GSAK's own maps?



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