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3 minutes ago, whoputthatthere said:

Anyone else having problem accessing the site?


When i click onto it it asks me to 'Authenticate'.  I click the button which takes me to a page where i have to 'Agree'.

Clicking this button does nothing however?


Any advice?

I've had intermittent problems for a while now - associated, I think, with the new API mainly.


But it's working fine just now - Safari on OSX fwiw. Might be worth trying an alternative browser perhaps.

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Project-GC and other API partner applications are working fine for me today.  I tested authentication at Project-GC just now and had no troubles at all.


Therefore I am moving this thread to the API Partners forum section.  You may also wish to try asking in Project-GC's community support forum or on their Facebook page.

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I'm having the same issue. 

The error I see in the console is "Blocked form submission to './authorize.aspx?... because the form's frame is sandboxed and the 'allow-forms' permission is not set."

I'm on Chrome, but I also have the same issue on mobile. 




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6 hours ago, CaracalShan said:

What sometimes helps is not going to Project-GC by clicking on your profile on geocaching.com, but opening Project-GC in a different window by using the Ctrl-button (Ctrl + clicking on the profile). Here this works at least in IE and Chome.

That's working. Thanks

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