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Feature suggestion: Mark my car

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When using a GPS receiver and about to head into the woods to find geocaches, I will mark the location of my car in case I get lost or turned around in the woods.  It would be nice if a similar feature was added to the app.

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May be just me, but I thought marking parking was common sense.    :)

"The app" (I feel) is used to find caches.

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Showing parking lots in the custom map style could've made sense too.



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Is this flow enough to mirror the GPS "Mark" function for your parking?

a) You have the cache selected in the app

b) Scroll down the main cache detail page and tap Waypoints

c) Tap + to add a new waypoint

d) Change the name to Parking or leave as is

e) Tap Current Location and Add 


You should end up with a waypoint in that cache that was your current location when you created the waypoint. If you need to use the parking location, you would need to select that same cache (if you went to more than one), go into Wapoints, tap the waypoint you created and you can navigate to it.

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