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GPSMAP 64st - No geocache found

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Hi everyone! 🙂


I have a problem with the garmin GPSMAP 64st
I load the GPX file into the internal memory and the caches appear. After restarting the device caches disappear even though the GPX file is still in the folder on the device.
This is a big problem if I'm in the field and I just have to change the batteries for a new one .. after this operation, the caches do not load again, only the "No geocache found" error pops up.


The problem also appears when I put caches on the SD card, only here I do the trick I read on this forum:

"1] Shut down the unit;

2] Remove the SD card;

3] Re-boot unit and allow it to settle in;

4] Shut the unit down again;

5] Re-insert SD card;

6] Re-boot unit."

.. and caches appear in a strange way again in the device.


One more thing I have already removed preloaded caches and it did not bring any effect :( 


I noticed that people have been struggling with this problem for a long time maybe there is a magical solution to this issue?



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I have a 64 and do not have this issue.


Try deleting the SQL directory.  Sometimes a bad database causes issues.

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