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Caches along a route - "Create New Route" does not work any more

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How to reproduce the problem?

  • Open "Caches along a route" (https://www.geocaching.com/my/userroutes.aspx)
  • Click "Create New Route"
  • Enter arbitrary route name, e.g. "Munich - Berlin"
  • Click "Create Route"
  • Enter starting point and target location (e.g. Munich and Berlin)
  • Click "Search"


Expected result

  • A (Google?) map containing the route should be shown.


Actual result

  • Empty frame
  • The Chrome DevTools Console shows an error (see Screenshot attached)



  • Windows 10
  • Chrome 67.0.3396.99 x64
  • IE 11


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I don't even get anything to happen when I hit the "search" button (and I picked closer cities to avoid any distance error - Wiesbaden and Mainz).  Perhaps it's a sign that the hamsters are gnawing in the problem?

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We are busy panning our trip today and are a little relieved that others have experienced the same problem as us.

New route shows an empty frame - with search giving no results.

Incidentally you can load previously created public routes.


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A blank screen is all you get.
And it's not a display problem because if you "Save ChangeS" all you see next is anther blank screen with zero miles. 

And, no, I don't want to use the live map on the App...

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We released a fix this morning, so it should be working again. Please let me know if you are still encountering the problem.

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It's working here (Hamburg) as expected. Thanks for the fix.



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