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  1. How to reproduce the problem? Open "Caches along a route" (https://www.geocaching.com/my/userroutes.aspx) Click "Create New Route" Enter arbitrary route name, e.g. "Munich - Berlin" Click "Create Route" Enter starting point and target location (e.g. Munich and Berlin) Click "Search" Expected result A (Google?) map containing the route should be shown. Actual result Empty frame The Chrome DevTools Console shows an error (see Screenshot attached) Environment Windows 10 Chrome 67.0.3396.99 x64 IE 11
  2. You're right. Sorry about that. I encountered the problem some months ago, but it must have been fixed meanwhile (obviously).
  3. Make sure that each entry has a UNIQUE timestamp. There was (and I guess still is) a bug, where entries with identical timestamps are counted only once. Maybe Groundspeak's "experts" use the timestamp as key for internal storage, maybe for sorting purposes. Bad idea, in particular considering that Groundspeak's timestamps do not use seconds or milliseconds...
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