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GeoPet Question

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5 minutes ago, MartyBartfast said:

I think it's more common to get a TB code for your dog, then you can "dip" it into all the caches you visit to track it's mileage, but also any cachers you meet can "discover" it.

I've discovered a few geo-dogs that have had trackable collars or trackable tags on their collars. But generally, I only notice the tracking number when the dog's owner points it out (either at an event or on a group geocaching trip). I'm not in the habit of searching for tracking codes on the collars of dogs that I just met.

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There were a a couple dogs in my area that had accounts, but they'd both passed on before I start geocaching. The accounts were used mainly for the dog to hide caches. Sometimes the dog would post a find, but I'm sure that got old fast since it's hard to type with paws, so most dogs I've known rarely logged their finds.

I never gave much thought to setting up an account for my dogs, but I think if I ever considered it, the deciding factor would be remembering what it was like to be amused as I figured out who the geocacher was, only to realize in the end why he stopped geocaching. If I'd set up an account for my dog when I started geocaching, it would have been for a different dog than the one that comes with me now.

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