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  1. You could purchase a new TB and send it to them unregistered. That way he could have a clean unused number to work with.
  2. Does anybody know where I can find a Camper shaped TB. I'm looking for the classic bar code type.
  3. How can a CO find and track what the cache health score is for their hides?
  4. Does anybody have an account for their GeoPet. Our dog does as much work finding caches as we do.
  5. I'm currently using an app called TBScan to log my Trackable finds. It works well on both my iPhone and iPad. It is however an iOS app only. Is there something similar for the Android platform?
  6. So if I use the gsak macro to save my finds as POI's I can save more than 2000 of them?
  7. That's good to know. Is there a limit to the number of geocaches that can be stored? What counts as a waypoint?
  8. The specs on the Garmin website say the eTrex 20 will hold 2000 waypoints in the internal memory. If I install an SD card and store the waypoints on it, can I store more than 2000?
  9. What are some of the funniest cache names you've run into?
  10. So I'm looking at the Geocache map and I notice that some cache icons are round and some are square. What's the deal? What's the difference?
  11. I want to keep track of my TB finds in GSAK. Is there a way to do it?
  12. So much for doing it the easy way. Thanks.
  13. I'm airbrushing a shirt for my wife that I want to make trackable. Is there a way to just buy a tracking number without waiting for shipping on the tag?
  14. The A-Team to the rescue again. That did the trick. Thanks.
  15. Still not working. I've marked them as collectable, moved them back to the last location. Saved it. Logged out, waited 15 minutes and then logged back on.
  16. I don't get that option. I get "Move to last location" and "Recalculate Distance".
  17. I have 2 trackables that have gone missing. I've marked them as missing. How do I move them to my trackable collection?
  18. How does one go about becoming a reviewer?
  19. Ok got it fixed. Thanks for the direction.
  20. Yep. You were right. I found the duplicate in GSAK. When I go to the cache on GC.com it only shows one log entry. What am I missing? Can it be fixed?
  21. I placed my first cache a few months ago. Since then, my find count at Geocaching.com has been off by 1. Do they count my placed cache as a find?
  22. Is there a way to add coordinated in the iPhone app. I want to do a multi stage cache but I can't figure out how to add the second and third stage coordinates.
  23. I'm using the carabiner clip from Garmin.
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