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Highway & Byway structures?

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The last few years I found more and more odd structures being erected close to the roads I have traveled.

As it turns out these little buildings are being erected for the declining "Barn Swallow" populations.

With the the removal of old barns and more road culverts being replaced many nesting places have to be relocated.


The idea of this Category is to log and photograph these locations to help our barn swallows.


Have you seen or wondered what these were for in your travels?


Feedback appreciated.





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Here in Switzerland, they look like this...


They have NOT been accepted in Unique Birdhouses.


Why were they not accepted?

I did not keep the denial note. I've been thinking, it was not "unique" enough (and indeed, it is a standard model found in many towns in my area), but maybe it was denied for some technical category requirement. I don't remember.


When structures like these as well as the ones posted by Jake39 really can go to Unique Birdhouses then it is redundant, although the are not Unique in the sense of the category description in my opinion.

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