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Garmin Waypoint Projection Question

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I did a field puzzle today that required projecting from a waypoint. I keep 'crib notes' on my phone so I remember how to do this as it required changing profiles, etc., and I rarely have to do projection.


Anyway, the bearing I was to project was 35.3 degrees. This is when I discovered that my Garmin 64s only projects whole degrees, not decimals. That is, unless I was doing something wrong. I tried entering 35 then 'shift' and a period but it wouldn't take.


Does the 64s only let the user enter bearings as whole degrees or am I doing something wrong? I saw nothing in the manual.


I found the cache anyway and using 35 degrees was close enough, as it wasn't a huge distance. If I was dealing with miles and not a few hundred feet, it would have been a problem.

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This may be more in depth than you need, but you can change your Heading units from degrees to Mils. In Setup/Heading/Display choose Mils.


There are 6400 Mils in a circle (360 deg) so one degree equals about 17.78 Mils. For example your 35.5 deg projection use either 627 or 628 Mils. This may be overkill for your cache but it will provide greater definition in the projected point.

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Timpat: Great information about Mils! I went into setup and found that, which would have been tough without your instructions. I added the Mils information to my 'crib notes' in waypoint projection. Besides, adding a little more math to a puzzle just enhances the challenge!


Viajera: I like your solution, too.

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The Mils trick is a good one, yep.


Also, if you're projecting 35.3 degrees, you could mark two projected waypoints, one at 35 and one at 36 degrees, and search the bushes roughly 1/3 of the way between the first and second - given it was a .3 fraction.


That's also worked for me.



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