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What is the best handheld GPS for geocaching?


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I wanted to see if I could get suggestions for a good handheld GPS that works well with geocaching.com. I currently have a Magellan eXplorist GC, which does not work well with geocaching.com, when downloading caches. It will not do it any more. The plugin does not even show up anymore.

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Newer Garmin models should work with the new plugin from Garmin.


Other GPS models can still work though. You just need to plug your device into your computer with the USB cable, and then transfer the GPX file to your device as though it were a thumb drive. That's how I transfer cache data to my eXplorist, and it still works fine.

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"Best" is debatable, as my long-discontinued 60cxs is still just as accurate as many today.

What you're used to is important though (buttons, touchscreen, toggle...).


It simply needs to be a Garmin, and new enough (mine's not) for the new Send to Garmin - list function, that (for now) is kinda replacing the browser issues (not necessarily handhelds...) with plugins.


- But so far, my neighbor uses the same method as niraD. :)

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As a premium member, you shouldn't really be using the "send to GPS" button anyway. You can still manually load individual GPX files, but pocket queries will let you manage and install caches to your eXplorist in bulk. The same goes for purchasing a newer Garmin GPS.


Forget one-at-a-time loading. Pocket queries are the future past.

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