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Is a Garmin Etrex 30 a good value?

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Looking to replace my old DeLorme PN-40 and want something I can load PQ's into along with the ability to track my hikes and upload those tracks to mapping software. Is the Etrex30 or 30T a good receiver or should I be looking at something else? Not looking to drop $500 on a receiver. Also does the "Send To My GPS" on the website work for these units?

Thanks in advance for any input!

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Sure, it will work fine.


"Send to GPS" does not work for anything. The reason is discussed in many, many threads. There are other options for getting the caches to the GPS.

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I'll add my "thumbs up" for the Etrex 30. I have owned both the 30 and 30x. The "x" model adds a bit of memory and improves the screen resolution. In my opinion, these two improvements don't make much difference and aren't worth the price. Here's why I like the 30:


1. It's small and light weight and easy to carry around your neck or in your hand.

2. It has a memory card slot that lets you add lots of memory for geocaches and maps.

3. It has a real compass that can tell direction when you're standing still. The 10 and 20 don't have one.

4. Uses buttons to navigate instead of a touchscreen - more usable with gloves on.

5. The software is bullet-proof stable. I have never had one lock up or do something glitchy.

6. I get lots of use out of the AA batteries. I estimate about 15 hours with rechargables.


Cons: Just one - The screen is smaller than I would like, but it still displays very readable maps.


You can find a good used Etrex 30 on Ebay for $130-$150. I have also had very good luck with highly discounted refurbished models.


Just some things to think about before your purchase.

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