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  1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you still have a pointer. Try selecting a geocache or waypoint loaded on the GPSr, then go to the compass page to look for the pointer.
  2. Here's an idea for ya - I call it "Cut the Cheese," GC6ZHJ7. Cut the Cheese in action.
  3. I love building gadget caches. My inspiration is WVTim. Google "gadget caches" and you'll find a bunch of his. Also, I have a YouTube page with several of mine. Here is the link: My Gadget Caches
  4. My latest Arduino gadget container is patterned after the "Hangman" game. Instead of using a paper and pencil, the finder must successfully guess one of five words loaded on the arduino in order to open the container. The words are easy and mentioned in the description (hint). Here is link to the video:
  5. I'll add my "thumbs up" for the Etrex 30. I have owned both the 30 and 30x. The "x" model adds a bit of memory and improves the screen resolution. In my opinion, these two improvements don't make much difference and aren't worth the price. Here's why I like the 30: 1. It's small and light weight and easy to carry around your neck or in your hand. 2. It has a memory card slot that lets you add lots of memory for geocaches and maps. 3. It has a real compass that can tell direction when you're standing still. The 10 and 20 don't have one. 4. Uses buttons to navigate instead of a touchscreen - more usable with gloves on. 5. The software is bullet-proof stable. I have never had one lock up or do something glitchy. 6. I get lots of use out of the AA batteries. I estimate about 15 hours with rechargables. Cons: Just one - The screen is smaller than I would like, but it still displays very readable maps. You can find a good used Etrex 30 on Ebay for $130-$150. I have also had very good luck with highly discounted refurbished models. Just some things to think about before your purchase.
  6. I would stay away from the etrex 25/35 models, at least for a while. I owned a 25 when it first came out and had a terrible experience with the immature software. It would freeze up and the touch screen would not respond at times. I waited for updates, and after a year and 3 different units I still experienced severe glitches. It's for sale now at a highly discounted price. What I liked about it was its small, light size and bright screen. I sold an Oregon 600 for the touch 25 because the 600 seemed heavy on my neck when I used a neck lanyard. Otherwise, the 600 has great software, a bigger screen, and very few glitches. Recently I went out and bought a refurbished Oregon 600t for $105 and I'm still very happy with it. In other words, I'd go with the Oregon 600/650!
  7. Just got this one published, after a bit of "coordination." It's an Arduino powered gadget cache called "Cut the Cheese," GC6ZHj7. Here's a video of how it works:
  8. This isn't a new project, just one I recently refurbished. It's called "Shave and a Haircut, Two bits" (GC66BPE). It's an arduino gadget cache. It's an easy find in the Arizona desert, but to get into the container and sign the log, you must knock out the old tune on the inner lid. Here's how it works: A small piezzo buzzer records the knocks and compares the cadence and number of knocks with what's stored on the arduino microprocessor. Too slow, too fast, or wrong number of knocks, the the servo will not release the lid. It's been working fine for over a year now, but I decided to "freshen" it up a bit. The attachment below takes you to a youtube video of it working. If anyone is interested in the code for this cache or other arduino caches on my youtube page, send me a pm and I'd be happy to send it to you.
  9. I have a gadget cache which uses a magnetic child-proof lock, and I have had difficulty with folks walking off with or losing the magnet. All I did was connect the magnet to the container with a length of string and it solved my problem.
  10. How do it know?! Is it like the old McDLT containers that somehow knew to keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool? Shhhhh! Don't tell anybody, but it gives EVERYBODY the highest rating. I thought it would be mean to do anything else!
  11. Here's my latest gadget cache, GC6VB3R, "The Good Geocacher." In order to open the container, you need to be a good geocacher. This "machine" analyzes your geocaching goodness when you place a finger on the sensor. If you don't meet the criteria, the box doesn't open. Here's a video of how it works:
  12. To me, a "professional" geocacher is one who is paid for his "profession." It's the difference between a professional ball player and an amateur. Now I believe the term should be "The Good Geocacher," and I have actually developed a cache which determines who is and who is not a good geocacher! Take a look at GC6VB3R and you'll see what I mean. So far, it has been accurate 100 percent of the time in analyzing who is a good geocacher. Below is a picture of this "instrument." The Good Geocacher Analyzer
  13. Ah, not so fast, grasshopper! I have an Etrex 10, and I have detailed maps on it that cover all of Tucson, where I live, and quite a bit more. And it only takes up about 4mb. I found a website that has maps for Garmin's smartwatch fenix, but it works just as well in the Etrex 10, and they're free and legal. Here is the website to peruse: http://www.gmaptool....ps-garmin-fenix Here's the process: 1. Download the region you want from the website above and unzip it. 2. Install it in MapSource by running the install program in the unzipped folder you just made. 3. IMPORTANT: Connect your Etrex 10 to your computer and COPY ALL of the files on it to some safe place on your computer. If something goes wrong with the map procedure, you have backup files! 4. Using MapSource, transfer the areas you want to the Etrex 10. Make sure you leave 3-4mb free on the Etrex so you don't get "memory low" warning while using it. 5. Here's another important thing to know: The Etrex only recognizes and displays its basemap (gmapbmap.img). The map you just loaded is called gmapsupp.img. In order to display your new detailed map, you need to delete the gmapbmap.img file, then rename your gmapsupp.img file to gmapbmap.img. The detailed map is pretty primitive, showing only lines for roads, but all the roads are there, plus trails! It's really made my cheap little etrex a very capable machine.
  14. That's really remarkable! I predict your telephone cache is going to get a LOT of favorites!
  15. I say go for it! Here's my latest, called "Timing is Everything," GC6KHV3:Timing is Everything cache
  16. Sounds great - I'd be concerned of some idiot forcing it though..... Also - as a finder I'd appreciate a clear definition of when it will be unlocked in the description, and the RTC to be accurate enough so you could plan your arrival at GZ..... Great advice, and I'll absolutely apply it to the description. Finished my "Timing is Everything" cache, GC6KHV3. It should be published soon. Timing is Everything
  17. Sounds great - I'd be concerned of some idiot forcing it though..... Also - as a finder I'd appreciate a clear definition of when it will be unlocked in the description, and the RTC to be accurate enough so you could plan your arrival at GZ..... Great advice, and I'll absolutely apply it to the description.
  18. I'm building an arduino-powered gadget cache called "Timing is Everything." The premise behind it is that the container (plastic ammo can) will automatically unlock at the top of each hour, for one minute. This allows the cacher to open the container, sign the log and exchange goodies. At all other times it will be locked and the cacher will be unable to open it. It will also display the current time on a seven segment display to let them know how much time they have to wait. Power won't be a problem, since it only comes to life when the "outer door" of the container is opened. Otherwise, a low power real time clock (RTC) is keeping the time with a button battery. It will be hidden in the desert so that it won't be confused with something explosive. I've built several other caches with similar components Gadget Cache. I'm just waiting for the RTC module to be delivered.
  19. This has happened to me once with my 30X. It turned out to be a corrupt GPX file, assuming you have a pocket query. I went back and dragged and dropped a new pocket query to the GPX folder in the GPSr and it was good to go. Your problem may be a couple of other things as well: 1. If you load up a query with geocaches located far away (over 100 miles?) I don't think the GPSr will list them. This happened with my Oregon 600, but I don't know if it applies to the 30X as well. 2. It could be how you transfer the PQ. I know I have had problems when I used MapSource or GSAK to do the tranfer, so now I just use the direct transfer method. I'm sure you'll get a lot of other suggestions soon. Good luck!
  20. DIA has a subway system that runs between terminals. It runs every couple of minutes, and it's a quick way to get between terminals.
  21. Looks like these might be the folks: 48 in 7
  22. I found this listing on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Magellan-MapSend-Topo-Software-CANADA-/262308718033?hash=item3d12d165d1:g:vdkAAOSwFNZW0Jmu There are other software programs available too. Be careful about what you buy. I believe Magellan changed the format of their maps for newer models like Triton.
  23. I love my simple little Etrex 10! It's been pretty much right on for me. The moderator gave you some great tips. I would only add two things. First, make sure you have the latest software installed. You can do this by downloading the program "garmin express," hook up your GPSr and check if there are any updates. Second, the GPSr will only give you a good direction to go when you are actually moving. Direction won't be accurate when you are standing still because you don't have a magnetic compass in the Etrex 10. Since compass direction is only accurate while you are moving, you need to do what's called a "drunken bee dance," moving back and forth across your ground zero point. So try out these tips and I'll bet you can reduce that accuracy number down to 10 feet or better at times!
  24. What the CO is experiencing is about the same as I do with my 600 using Eneloop 1900mah batteries. Batteries last about 4 hours of normal geocaching usage. Yeah, it freezes once in a while, but not enough to get frustrated about. As it matures with future updates, I expect both issues to get resolved. But for now, I really love the large touch screen and bright display.
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