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Existing Category Issue

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Anamorphous Street Art category.


So we have an odd situation in the category.


I didn't create it and didn't know I was leading it until I received a note from a Waymarker about a submission.


The creator/leader has a history of being gone for a long period of time and then showing up and purging the category of items that did not fit her original intent. Most of the submissions are trompe l'oil and not anamorpic. The problem is that Anamorphic Art while closely related is not trompe l'oil. This page Anamorpic Art. What is Anamorphosis


Here is the difference according the page linked above. "Oblique anamorphosis is closely related to an artistic technique called trompe l'oeil (French for "deceiving the eye", pronounced "tromp loy"). Both use perspective constructions to create a "trick" image, but the difference lies in the nature of the trick. For an anamorphosis, the viewer is presented with something that does not make sense when viewed conventionally, and so he or she must seek out the unconventional viewpoint from which the trick is resolved. For trompe l'oeil, the viewer, standing in one particular (and usually conventional) place, is tricked into seeing an invented image as if it were reality."


I have approved many waymarks that the leader would later come back and disallow. It was very frustrating so I stopped approving in the category.


The way the category is written most submissions do not fit the leaders narrow definition of anamorphic street art.


I thought I would bring this up in the forums and see how the community thinks I should proceed.


The leader last logged in 11 months ago. I am planning on removing the old leader from approving in the category. Since I am now the leader I am considering the possibly of opening it up to trompe l'oeil of all kinds but I don't want to create a problem with the other members of the community.


What is you two dollars and fifty cents worth of input?

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This isn't going to be worth anywhere near the 10 quarters requested, but I must agree with the Blasterz in that it is now your category to do with as you please. The old leader should never have made you leader if he/she intended to retain artistic control of the category. If including trompe l'oeil is the direction in which you lean, then do it. I find it difficult to believe that it would be a substantial loss to the world if the category were expanded to include an art style very similar to the one originally specified.


And yes, we've had at least one declined before we were completely aware of the subtle yet obvious difference between trompe l'oeil and anamorphosis. I believe we have one currently approved which is definitely a simple trompe l'oeil and another which is a quite good anamorphosis. That's all. These are not easy to find in this neck of the woods.


Aside - the anamorphic submission we have is so good that I discovered its nature completely by chance when I happened to cross the magic line from along which the subject becomes obvious. Of course, this was before I read the accompanying signs.



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I agree with Blasterz and BK. But if you do open it up to that trumpet stuff, go ahead and change the description to explicitly state that the category accepts both anamorphosis and the deceiving the eye stuff. That is, don't let anything to chance. You're expanding the category, so update the description. IF you think that it's worth adding the other stuff. I'm not familiar with either thing, being a country boy who spends as little time in the city as possible (though I went to college in Chicago for 5.5 years...). So my only point is to make the wording match the desire.

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Don't you still have the original problem? Category creator can return and unapprove previously-approved posts, even if the posts do meet an expanded category description.

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Don't you still have the original problem? Category creator can return and delete previously-approved posts, even if the posts do meet an expanded category description.


Only if the individual remains an officer. An officer can be demoted to a regular member. If I recall correctly, it does require a vote of 66% of active officers.

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This has been a problem category since inception. What does and doesn't fit? Seems like the 'founder' was the only one who 'really knew.'

I am sure I am still an officer here due to the limited membership, or as a favor to the leader. It seems as if a lot of categories have membership/officer issues.


BUT, I AM NOT discussing the problems with 'Waymarking' here. I have received several messages in the recent past about my 'lack of participation' on here anymore. (gloat: I was once the #1 waymarker) Sorry to those who sent messages I 'ignored', but I think most of the answers you can figure out yourself.


Back on track:

Bean: I am approving of opening the description to include more. If not you must EXPLICITLY describe and example what is allowed, and direct them to the other applicable categories for things that don't fit. I have created a category (or 2) to be the exact opposite of an existing category that did not accept things (see 'Non-fountains'). But that is not always the answer. Its a shame that all the waymarks the previous leader declined cannot be reevaluated to return to the category if that is the answer decided upon.

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Is there anything new about this category?

I still have two waymarks pending in review until this issue is cleared.


I have never understood what is accepted in this category and what isn't.

I hope the officers open this category! Please!


The best and easiest way to understand what is and isn't Anamorphous Art is to study the work of Julian Beaver. To get you started go to this page and scroll to the last series of pictures, "Worlds Largest 3D Street Painting". Look at the series and you should be able to see that there is only one vantage point from which one will fully appreciate the drawing. That is the view in the top three pictures of the series and the final one.



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