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Went out the other day on a bike trail. Nothing special, just a trail beside a road, but this was the first time I'd really gone out with the 100mm macro lens I got for Christmas. I had forgotten how fun it was to go macro; I haven't had a true macro lens since I switched to digital over ten years ago.


Since there isn't another category that really fits this in here, I figured I'd start one. So, to quote a very old Steve Martin stand-up routine, let's get small!








Pine bark




Reflective sign




Bradford pear blossoms




Old hydrant

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I am constantly stopping on the trail to take pictures of things both great and small. That may help explain why I so often end up hiking alone; no one else wants to stop that much! But I think it's worth it. For instance, when I first started taking pictures of wildflowers I hardly knew any of their names. While many of them are now old friends, I still run across beautiful new strangers from time to time.


All of these were taken with various digital point n' shoots. My venerable Canon AE-1 and its array of lenses have sat at home for more years than I care to remember!


Raindrops on a conifer



Prickly rose



Sticky geranium



Brown eyed susan



Northern bedstraw



Orange agoseris



Checkerspot on spirea



Variegated wind flower



Pearl Crescent on ragwort


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This kind of touched me. Something died here, and this was its last glimpse of sunlight.




Ironically, I un-leafed this just before finding an archived cache a few steps away. (The owner figured it was missing.)

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Here's a couple of wildflowers that I haven't been able to identify yet.


Some sort of Arnica? Seen on Mount Lipsett two summers ago.



I saw this one north of Golden BC two summers ago. It's a little like cat's ear but even ignoring the orange colour it doesn't look quite right.


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This is a daisy in my lawn. I like the symmetry of this picture. This was just taken using macro mode on my point-and-shoot camera.



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Almost overlooked this little one hiding in the grass amongst much larger beardtongues, buffalo beans, ragworts and vetches. This little starwort was barely 1/4" across.



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Got a little crazy with the macro lens with all the flowers and wee little lizards we saw down in the Virgin Islands in early September.  Bittersweet looking at them now, since the islands now look pretty brown and dead.





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Here are a couple of spiders seen recently while geocaching in Florida just a few days following Hurricane Irma.



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