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Almost time...

Dr. Isotope

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Shortly after the upcoming holiday, I will present you with a puzzle. Solving this puzzle will lead you to another gift. Since The Quantum Mechanic thought my last gift was a bit strange, I have decided that I will give you something a bit more, let us say, "meaningful." It is a small piece of not only our nation's history, but of human history.

Here is your clue:




If you figure it out, post your results here.


Also, if you would like to play a small part in my world domination plan, then I encourage you to buy nothing on November 29th. Also encourage everyone you know to buy nothing. If we can do this, then we can start to take the system down. Once it's down, it's our's for the taking. Only after disaster can we be resurrected.

Another suggestion for some holiday fun is to go around town and put "Out of Order" signs on every ATM machine you can find. There's nothing more enjoyable than seeing that last bit of stress push the holiday consumer over the edge.


Dr. I



All threats and suggestions made by Dr. Isotope, and other characters in these forums, are totally ficticious and pose no danger to anyone whatsoever. It is all part of a Geocaching event that will take place in the Spring of 2003.


-Who can you trust?-

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Something to do with ferromagnets? They might just be right up your alley, doctor.


Ferromagnet ring it's sly

Ferromagnet isn't grisly

OR, if you prefer

Isn't ferromagnet grisly?


Or, for something completely different:

Easternmost girl frying


--laurak of dasein


Temporarily French Polynesia's most prolific geocachers!

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Furthermore, If your direct withdrawl of the 3 bucks is taken from your account for your charter memebership from geocaching is taken on the day after turkey day....stop it now. Anarchy will rule supreme.


We will see complete chaos from all them lemming cosumers with bulging bellies from binging themselves the day before.


If anything, they will get some much needed exercise to help lose the weight they gained by forcing them to walk another block to the next atm machine.

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September 14, 1957. Shot Fizeau.


"At the point of detonation, I could feel the heat, like someone ran a hot iron over the whole of my body, and I could see the bones in my elbow. I'm looking with my eyes shut and it was just as clear as could be. So first, its the light and the heat. We looked out at ground zero, and it was a vast dish and there were all the fumes and smoke rising out of it. It was green-black-purple, and just fused into one solid big bowl."



Peace through superior firepower

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The sand under the first atomic bomb explosion was turned into a jade colored glass that was initially called Atomsite, but was later renamed Trinitite. The crater was 10 feet deep and 2400 feet across. Some people have been selling so called Trinitite on ebay, but most of the glass being sold in a by product of rocket motor tests in the desert. the rocket exhaust reaches tempratures sufficient to melt sand. The only way to tell if it is real Trinitite is to use a giger counter. The glass should be slightly radioactive.



Peace through superior firepower

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Like I said, I had to guess. Now I've looked it up and it wasn't in 12 Monkeys, it was in Sneakers. I never said I was a movie database! I'm surprised I even remembered it was in a movie. I caught the tail end of 12 Monkeys on TV last night, so that's a strange coincidence. I wonder if Dr. Isotope walks around with a sure-would've-had-me-fooled disguise like Bruce Willis does in the airport.


But anyway, I think you're right. It's no more diabolical than too many secrets.

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Do you have a yurt for the May 31st campout? Do you need a ride?

And by the way, how dare you refer to this great nation as ours when at the same time asking us citizens to help you take it down. I have, as we speak, unleashed my number 1 to go forth and buy, buy, buy. According to title IX, girls need basketball shoes too. Oh yeah, could you stop by and iradiate my honey baked ham? The microwave is on the fritz.


But I want an Oompa Loompa NOW!


[This message was edited by Sassquatch on November 28, 2002 at 11:44 PM.]

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