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Vallis Elisium Quest


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Chapter 1: The Scout [GC6RT8V]

Vallis Elisium. The Vale of Paradise. A land full of wonder and opportunity. Dragosa had her sights on this land, but it seemed too good to be true. So, she decided to send a scout on her behalf, that he may set her mind at ease. However, when her messenger failed to return, her fears were confirmed. Not all was well in the land of Vallis Elisium. Therefore, she decided to send out a public request to any brave adventurer to go out to the land, and discover the fate of her messenger. Are you brave enough to journey to Vallis Elisium, to seek the messenger of Dragosa, and to defeat the evils of the land?


Chapter: 2: Sir Swagsalot's Treasure [GC6RT86]

Alas! The scout is dead! But perhaps you will be able to recover his supplies. It is unclear as to what killed him, but as a dutiful scout, surely he created a map. And this was no ordinary scout, this was Sir Swagsalot, one of the wealthiest men in Walleston! Although looting after such a discovery is normally frowned upon, it is your best chance to understanding what happened to the poor man, and gaining the necessary provisions to continue your mission.


Chapter 3: Winged Beasts [GC6TJ04]

After finding the messenger and his supplies, you look to the map, hopeful that you will be more successful than your predecessor. But as you begin to make your way to the village, you hear a startling sound, a horrifying screech! Prepare yourselves, perhaps this is the beast that attacked the scout. Your mind is telling you to stay on the path, but your heart is telling you to investigate this noise. Perhaps you should leave it be… or maybe it is best to be proactive and seek this monster out before he finds you…


Chapter 4: Out of the Ashes [GC6RF79]

You begin your journey down the path, into the forest. If there was a city here, it is surely long lost by now! But perhaps there is hope. A Master of the Magical Arts! Perhaps he could tell you where the fabled city is. You wander deeper and deeper into the woods when you see it. It's the stream you saw on the map! Could this be it? Vallis Elisium? The Vale of Paradise? No, not yet. Patience. As you make your way across the bridge, you begin to search for the cottage of the wizard. Surely, it must be here somewhere…


Chapter 5: Welcome to Vallis Elisium [Not Posted]

The wizard laughes “Welcome, traveler, to Vallis Elisium!” You look around. This is it! The Vale of Paradise! The Wizard smiles, “Beautiful, isn’t it?” he smiled. “There are many rivers and lakes here. Perhaps you would like to explore the city more? This path leads to many places.” He says. “To the South the marketplace. Many adventures await you there. And to the North, many of the villagers have made their home here.

“to the East there are the Lakes of Fate and Destiny, and to the West, legend tells of untold riches.” Although the ironic oxymoron distracts you, the idea of treasure is simply too intriguing to pass up.

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