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  1. Yes. You should get an 8 or 9. Maybe get that for them for Christmas... 😉
  2. I have an iPhone 6 and am having the same problem. They’ll your friend, “You may need to save up for a new phone.”
  3. Yes! I love new cachers placing caches, even though I have started caching not even a year ago. There is one rule you have to know before hiding. Caches cannot be less than 528 feet (.1 mile) away from each other. This rule is automatically done online, so you need to know it. You should also complete the hider’s quiz (https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2014/12/can-you-pass-the-geocache-hiders-quiz/) before you start the hiding process. Welcome to geocaching, by the way!
  4. I follow the others. Please do a ratio like 1/1, or 1/2, or 1/3, etc. that would help us know wether it is like a cache right by GCHQ that has 100 or more favorites, or a cache out in the country that has 100 favorites that was placed a few months before. Thanks, GCHQ!!!
  5. This is a place where EVERYBODY can talk about the Hoosier state. Feel free to talk about TBs, Geocaches, GeoArts, etc., but keep it within Indiana. Thanks!
  6. These caches are all now missing. One is currently in the 30 day period of the process toward reviewer archival, while the rest are archived.
  7. Look what I found! !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! If you want to find the code the right way, don’t press on this link! https://shop.geocaching.com/default/perseverance-calibration-geocoin-coming-soon.html
  8. I’m interested in this. Am I able to contact the owner that has geocaches down a trail about 528 feet from each other and put in a stamp (that says the name of the cache) that they stamp on their card and claim as a find?
  9. Hint: it has numbers and letters in the code. The plate is not what you are looking for. I will PM you the code.
  10. That was a plate off of the Rover that was planned to fall off. So that is not bad news, it’s GREAT NEWS!
  11. There are over 600 people receiving Emails for every discovery! These are the people that REALLY like to sort through their Email.
  12. I have seen a TB on the app that was near. It had a goal of visiting a town about 1 hour’s drive away and return to Minnesota (I live close to there), but I couldn’t make that 2 hours of driving so I left it alone. There was also a few TBs on that vacation I just discovered instead of taking away from it’s goal. Make sense?
  13. Yes, I always log my cache finds in the website because it is way easier to log TBs that way. I wish they would add that to the app. I had a TB in my hands for maybe 3 week before my Arizona trip I took recently (my 2nd vacation out of state as a geocacher) and it was dropped there. I also found a new TB placed in a cache that had a goal of being by candy factories and so I checked with the owner and took it to Arizona and back. And I DID place it in the exact same cache so it would have added on mileage. Is this ok to do on future trips?
  14. Should I take TBs to another place far away, like when I am on vacation, and back just so they get mileage?
  15. I reported it. I couldn’t get into the forums at all so I Emailed GCHQ.
  16. When Geocaching HQ says something, it doesn’t happen when they say it will. Never trust Geocaching HQ on your fortune telling.
  17. Because the USA is full of geocaches and Kazakhstan doesn’t have many.
  18. Hmm... I haven’t thought about that. Maybe another website, mars.geocaching.com?
  19. I know, but it would just be a virtural for the trackable rovers to visit and NASA said “maybe for future human exploration”. So they would have one as a reward.
  20. Yes because there is no geocaches on Mars for it to visit. Maybe geocaching HQ should make a virtual on Mars as a reward for geocachers and for trackables to visit?
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