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...delete finds.

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There are often questions of this type.


We generally seem to have this expectation that anything we track online be updated instantaneously. As noted above, it often takes time to work through the system and even longer if using 3rd party tracking. Batch process, server load balancing, API calls all have to be managed and when the data sets are large it takes time.

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Wait, now it's back down to 700. Makes me think that, maybe last time I did two logs by accident, it also deleted but I just didn't notice. Oh well. But hey, why waste a post- if anyone wants to shed light on the question in general, feel free to do so, for everyone's future convenience.

Hope your issue was resolved. For future reference, there is a tool on Project-GC that can show you which caches you have logged multiple times. Go here, and it shows that you still have some duplicate logs.

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