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  1. The tech is far superior, however there is still physics. The electronics to correlate the satellite signals has gotten a lot better. But phones don't have much room for a proper GPS antenna, so their ability to detect the signals in marginal conditions tends to be worse. And new GPS units use the same tech as new phones. So comparing a new Garmin 64 to a iPhone, the Garmin will still win. BINGO The only drawback of a phone I have ever seen is GPS sensitivity. Under heavy tree cover, a phone will crap out before a good handheld GPSr. However, have you looked at my "downtown accuracy" event results. The phones dramatically outperformed handhelds. this part is odd to me. you've stated that trees are problematic, but then started that phones are better in cities. do you have an explanation for this? Trees block the signal. Large buildings cause multipath reflections. Different problem. Both situations suffer from both problems to a degree although as stated the dominate problem is different for each. In tree cover there is reduction of signal availability as well as some multi-path issues resulting in loss of signal, loss of track, and loss of accuracy. In urban canyons multi-path errors can be far greater. Cell phones can oft times be seen to outperform in urban areas as they get assisted positional data over the cell network to augment GPS positions. The technological downside of phone based GPS is often antenna design and capability.
  2. "Groundspeak are now making all logins (tokens) expire after 90 days, when this happens you just need to reauthorize the application" I can't provide step by step instructions as I don't run your AP (but encountered the same issue with a similar app that was solved as per below) Check your in app settings (Geocaching Live?) then "Deauthorize" your account and back all the way out of the app. Reopen the app and "Reauthorize" your (Geocaching Live?) account in the app settings and all should be well.
  3. If they simply stated "On a souvenir day the number of my EC logs naturally goes up, however there is often an increase of logs that don't pass muster most likely due to the promotion. Therefore souvenirs are bad..." (Correlation does not equal causation?) Most of us here probably would have even have been interested in the raw numbers too (xx logs, yy passed, zz didn't) to appreciate the scale of the problem. My EC (0, 0, 0) so the complete opposite experience. It's complaining when you talk about the time you took to review logs, when you evaluate your time as worthless, and when you ruminate on others "motivations" for a souvenir in relation to your expectations for your cache... It's all a matter of perspective in my view caches should provide an experience. As a CO (or an EC CO) those experiences are designed so that cachers enjoy the area, the cache, the container, and/or may learn something. However, once you publish that experience I have no control over how cachers choose to approach that experience nor what they get out of it.
  4. Looks like a great event and nice to have some actual data. It would have been nice if you had recorded the phones with everything on as well as radio off/gps only mode. The "Wi-Fi/cell triangulation" adjustments are designed to augment/improve the phones positioning...
  5. [ Wrong question. Why do people fake logs/dates? That's a separate issue, logs have to be reviewed regardless... the awarding of a souvenir is immaterial to the situation. Here is a cache owner essentially complaining about the amount of "work" they spent reviewing log entries for many hours. That's a part of cache ownership... Their secondary objective was to "expose" the "non-legit" logs. That's also a part of cache ownership... Based on tone and word choice there is obviously a little confirmation bias and the cache owner seems to value their responsibilities as "worthless" against not being able to deny someone a souvenir...
  6. I have already stated that it's my log not the CO's, I am the Log Owner (LO). As a CO it is certainly legitimate to be curious as to what changes were made; if that curiosity led a CO to use online tools to find the difference(s) then so be it, if that curiosity led a CO to contact the LO asking what the changes were that's being a "Mrs Kravitz" (google it if you don't get the reference), and if that nosiness led a CO to contact the LO asking them why it was changed (implying justification is required) then that is inappropriate. I get it, it's akin to a personal sliding value judgement much like the point where we choose to be offended.
  7. Airplane mode turns off the transmitters. GPS is not a radio but a receiver. You can hunt for caches in Airplane mode as long as you have downloaded the maps for the area you are in. Thanks Walt, my question was specifically how does the requirement for phones to dial 911 work in airplane mode. ohgood answered in post #27.
  8. There are often questions of this type. We generally seem to have this expectation that anything we track online be updated instantaneously. As noted above, it often takes time to work through the system and even longer if using 3rd party tracking. Batch process, server load balancing, API calls all have to be managed and when the data sets are large it takes time.
  9. It's assumed and accepted that GPSrs and phones are accurate enough for geocaching (in this thread), the OP was interested in accuracy and response times hence the discussion.
  10. Sure, if the many hundreds of successful and modern forums (with polls and mature moderation tools) didn't contradict that...
  11. Fair enough, I have clouded the issue. I never stated anyone was not allowed to be curious. Yes, although most would argue that they are the same; curious (positive connation) and nosey (negative connotation) are different. Yes you are allowed to be curious why some random phone number is on your call display. Cold calling a random phone number from your call display is nosey. If the random caller knows you or there is an important issue the calling party may leave a message or call back. I pretty much screen all my calls so I would never answer a random call back in the first place...
  12. It's somewhat by design although it does leave room to be exploited and there are legitimate situations where it might happen as noted above. I think we were awarded one of the road trip souvenirs for a recently submitted log (Indeed, 2015 road trip "put on your thinking cap" awarded 11-Sep-16), as we are still trying to piece together a holiday caching trip from last summer because we lost our good notes (Montana, Idaho, Washington (HQ), Oregon (Tribute Plaque)).
  13. Ah, so we can give CO's a pass based on our own perceptions of whether they are "trying to offend", great! That's pretty much why the caches in question got a pass from me even though I waffled a fair bit...
  14. OK. I assumed COs were just asking you about the changes. If the COs are demanding you justify your changes, then that would indeed be stupid, although I'd just ignore them rather than engaging in a conversation about it. It's your log not theirs, no justification needed for changing it... Those COs are just nosey, they likely check their call display and call back the "unrecognised" numbers to query why they phoned, when it was a miss-dial.
  15. ^^ (ran out of time, weather, access issue, did not get to ground zero, didn't get answers, stage of multi, many others...)
  16. I don't know the history behind that ruling, but my guess is that after 15 years of running a Forum, they kind of know what works and what doesn't. After running a Forum for 15 years with a early 2000's paradigm and data point, Groundspeak can't envision anything else... FTFY
  17. I thought it was WDP in Quebec, Where De Poutine?
  18. It is quite appropriate that Groundspeak set their own etiquette, decorum, and moral "standards" through the terms of service and the volunteer reviewers. Anyone can still hold themselves to a higher standard. In the age of talking points, shock talk, and political correctness pushback, it would be nice for all to remember it's not a crime to be truthful while also being polite, good natured, and respectful of the audience. Appreciating that the modern lexicon changes (now quite rapidly) and that we generally relate the root words of wtf to the contested definition, the acronym has assumed a much less contentious connotation although maybe not as tame as "H E double hockey sticks". As a 3 letter acronym it has very little "expletive" power. The related cache pages appear quite honest and straight forward, with only a few "WinTer Friendly" notes and that appears to be the intent of the series, to challenge/generate interest in winter friendly caching.
  19. Symbology is important because the symbol provides the meaning and context not the other way around. The fact that "a purple elephant" represents "favourite" to the same degree "a blue heart" does is irrelevant if neither represents "favourite" to the observer. (I would assume most wouldn't appreciate a swastika or a KKK symbol to represent "favourites"). At the end of the day for most people "Favourite" does not equate to love (as symbolised by a blue heart). The erosion of symbolic power and the quantification/commercialization of friendships are part of the issue, mainly brought about through social media platforms. "Your my favourite Mom", does not ring quite as powerful as "I love you, Mom" and the difference is intuitively obvious. True, how that ever got past the staff (brainstorming) meeting stage and got assigned scant resources is beyond me...
  20. I would suggest not to minimize the process but expand it as successful implementation likely does not hinge on minimising GS involvement and a space in the db. Have a status box with "Submitted", "Approved", "Returned" (Need clarification/info) associated with the log entry. Rather than emailing the cache owner, submit the answers through a separate restricted/hidden log file (much like a hybrid travel bug/reviewer log) accessible by the CO.
  21. As I mentioned above "geo-location adventures" are a niche waiting to happen and properly supported Wherigo's (or an alternative) could easily lead the way. Wherigo's integration with GPSr's is unnecessary as the handheld GPSr market shrinks and the Mobile market takes over. Wherigo's recognition/integration with geocaching is entirely arbitrary and could be easily supported outside of Groundspeak (think Letterbox-Hybrids).
  22. Perhaps its related to the mouse sensitivity.
  23. But if we could 3D print a pen/pencil...that would be sweet!
  24. Fair enough, but "Let's call it what it is" and "just another gimmick to bribe people into advertising Groundspeak's product" rather implied a more than standard negative connotation/judgement to me... Overall, it seems a basic (poor?) marketing attempt to encourage current customers to be proxy sellers, at least give us a free months premium time if the "friends" extend/sign up for PM...
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