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What was your first cache hunt, and what was it like?

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True North asked this of Salvelinus in a different thread but I think it deserves a place of its own.


My first find was out at Bear Meadows. I still don't recall how I found out about geocaching but I came to this web site and looked for local caches. At the time I was living near Colyer Lake and I chose the Bear Meadows cache for a few reasons. One, it was close. Two, I knew the area the cache was hidden and three, I had no GPS at the time and the Bear Meadows cache had *photos* of where it was hidden. I figured, how difficult could this be??


Difficult enough!! I think it took me two tries to find it! But find it I did and I was hooked.



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That was my first cache. I chose it because it had to do with patches, and I was heading past there that day. It cold, and the trail was icy, but still fun. I hit Nittany Lion Cache (new and improved) and Lower Pine Creek later that same day. icon_biggrin.gif


I'm lost. I've gone to find myself. If I should happen to get back before I return, please ask me to wait.

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My first cache hunt was called Hi Tec Retreat. It's located near Bell Labs in Murray Hill. We had both worked at the Labs and were familiar with the area (it's not too far from the bocce courts icon_smile.gif ) We didn't find it. We each went back and found it later on. It's still a fairly active cache, too.


That same day, we went to the Watchung Reservation and found at least two (Res One and Res Two, aptly named, yes?).


I do remember bushwacking (before we even knew what the term meant), and being oblivious to my surroundings (which, by the way, has been my method ever since, and it's gotten me into trouble several times). Finally spotted it about 25 feet away, and I think I said "hey! here it is!".



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My first hunt was only a few weeks ago, It was Nolde Forest by Team JackQuest. What a mess, i was using my GPS wrong and of course i didn't find the cache. Got some help from Salvelinus (Smoochnme). Thankyou Salvelinus, who also got me started on geocaching. The forest was really pretty, it was a forest I walk in alot, but i had never taken this particular trail before. There were alot of trees down and a few inches of snow. It was snowing pretty hard when i finally found the cache on my second try the next day, now that I was using my GPS right. I didn't take anything out of my first cache find, I was just thrilled to have completed it! I didn't have a screen name yet so i just signed the log with my last name. I can't wait to see what this part of the forest looks like in the summer.


It wasn't till my 3rd cache find that i experienced the lovely adventure of 'bushwhacking' but it was worth it!


True-North icon_cool.gif

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My first caching experience was with Rusty O Junk. He talked me into going out for the day to central N.Y. So off we went bright and early in the a.m. On that trip I learned what bushwacking is all about. We did seven caches that day and on one I found out what a T.B. shortcut was. That’s when your GPS says that you are farther away from the cache with an easy trail and you go to where your GPS says you are closer but have to climb almost straight up. I have to say that it was a great time, went out and got my own GPS shortly after and logged onto Groundspeak. The only down side is that I did seven caches that I couldn’t log. Now I can’t wait for Spring so I can get out again.

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My first caching experience was with TeamBullivant at Treman State Park in Ithaca, NY. We started at lower Treman and followed the arrow on the little yellow Etrex up the roughest terain that the Gorge trails offered. When we finally got to the cache location we realized that if we had gone to the entrance at Upper Treman we would've been less that a tenth of a mile of the cache and we wouldn't have had to pay a parking fee. It was fun none the less.


If you can't take the hike,... Stay out of the caching... Ho ahh.
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1/27/2002 JQ002-Blue Marsh Lake (Pennsylvania)


My first cache hunt was such a disaster! icon_biggrin.gif TaranWanderer and I walked 7 miles that day, and found no cache! Somehow, for some unknown reason, we still decided to go again.


Thereafter, though, we learned to look much more closely at the street-level maps and find a MUCH closer place to park the vehicle. icon_cool.gif I do hope to place a cache in the area where we were that day - someday soon - a sort of commemoration, or a weird "gotcha" sort of thing. It'll make me feel better.



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The day I bought my GPS, I logged into this website and saw Feargus was very close to my house. Since I didn't know how to use the GPS (I'm not much of a manual reader), I tried to find it by matching coordinates. Took quite a while, but I found it. I added a penlight and took an army infantry patch (42nd Infantry I think).


And as coincidence would have it, I logged in with my full name and several weeks later I received an e-mail from the owner asking if I was related to X and Y (not their real names).

Well X is my dad and Y is my brother. Turns out that the owner is a retired Passaic cop and knew my dad and brother well, as both are (well my dad's now retired) Passaic cops.


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My first cache was a 1/1 which really should have been a 1/4, 1/4 icon_smile.gif


WizMedic's Quickie Cache


It was placed specifically to be a person's first cache. it was in a field on the edge of a shopping mall, so it was a tad public.


Being very wide open, I think all GPSrs probably did a good job, as mine registered 2 foot when held over the cache.


My daughter picked a glass paperweight which is the best cache goodie we've found to date, bar none. (A big clear glass blob with colored glass inside looking like fish and coral.)


The only problem is that all the caches since them (except for Treebeard) have ben filled with dirty, broken, well used stuff. We got spoiled on our first.



Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... icon_biggrin.gif

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We did seven caches that day and on one I found out what a T.B. shortcut was. The only down side is that I did seven caches that I couldn’t log.


Travel Bug shortcut?? icon_smile.gif


And why can't you log the caches you found? Have they been archived?


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