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Geocache App sensitve

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has anyone else been using the Geocache app and noticing its sensitive. or hypersensitive. I use the free trial one. was getting really tired of it fast because it'll tell me go so many feet in a direction, I do that an nope now go 10 more ft in a different direction, now back 15 ft past where I was. it was getting ridiculous. no matter I couldnt seem to close in on the location



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You're describing the drunken bee dance, which is what happens when you follow the arrow one way and then another.


Under ideal conditions, a consumer GPSr will be accurate to about 3m (10ft). That applies both to your device, and to the cache owner’s device, so you may find the container 5-6m (16-20ft) from ground zero under ideal conditions. Under less than ideal conditions, both GPSr readings can be much less accurate. As others have indicated, once you get within that distance of ground zero, put your device away and look around for places where a container could be hidden.

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No matter what device (or app) you use, you cannot expect the cache to be hidden where the read-out shows ZERO. Even if you were using surveyor grade GPS technology, unless the hider had also used the same level of equipment, you need to consider 10-15 feet as close as the device is going to get. At that point, it is time to start using your brain, your eyes and your hands.

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thanks everyone. whats funny is today we used the car's GPS as a handheld and sure enough worked wonderfully, 3 in a row. except for one I should've been literally on top of it. but that was out of town a ways. then in town it wont work or zoom it.. its like seriously make up your GPS's. also need to remember to read the prior finder's msgs as they sometimes have addl hints on where they're located at.

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