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  1. I tried exactly the way you said but it doesn't work for me. WiFi or data.
  2. As the title says, it is impossible to send logs from the Android app to the website. Drafts are synched, but any log of any type are not sent. This has been happening at least since last version. Currently I'm on a OnePlus 6T (A6013) running android 9 and app version 8.4.1.
  3. This happened again today to me, lost my drafts because I sent my logs and they were gone. All "merda maintenance" logs also failed to send.
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know if we can use CSS on our profiles? I can get in-line styling on my html tags but I'm not sure if I can use a custom css sheet to style my stuff.
  5. There's an article on Groundspeak's Help Center about favourite points. If you can't award a favourite point, maybe it is because you haven't got any(?). Only the caches found after you have a premium membership count towards you receiving a favourite point.
  6. The title gives it all away. What I am experiencing is: when I am checking logs and answers for my virtual, sometimes there are too many messages and logs at the same time, and I can't remember which ones I've already received an answer to. Today, I received only one log and I received no e-mail or message at all. But since this isn't the first time happening, I decided to go on the message center and send a message to the geocacher. As I write his name, a message from him pops up, with yesterday's date. This has happened quite a few times, but now I am certain this is some sort of bug. Has anyone ever experienced this?
  7. Is there any reason as to why you don't write your log as a draft? It's much easier and saves you the trouble of having to be copy/pasting it from another app to the Geocaching App.
  8. Oh, even worse. I can't hide any, but the ones hidden aren't showing up for me, not even grayed out, they're just gone!
  9. Hi Desetdemon, Which map provider are you using(Google/Leaflet) or what type or map? Have you got any ad blocking software running? Have you tried clearing your browser's cache?
  10. This has happened to me quite a few times. Usually, after refreshing the page, they show up.
  11. According to the guidelines, there must be a container with a logbook in the final stage: Not to mention, the Wherigo cache type is listed under the "Physycal Caches" section.
  12. That is right but as I said, maybe they forgot about them or just thought it wasn't worth including those properties in the new widget.
  13. Not treating it as an event was probabily because there won't be any 10 year events anymore and the developers must have left them out of the code, instead of having to add another cache type.
  14. I noticed this the other day and thought it had something to do with the logs, however, it seems that if you have an event in your recently viewed list, on your dashboard, it will always show the current date, instead of the date when the even occured. As of today (1st February 2018):
  15. I don't think you can add like breaks in waypoint descriptions since those are suposed to be kept relatively short.
  16. This works. But if you don't want to post it in any cache, you can use any other image hosting website like imgur.
  17. I really like the concept behind your geocaching rocks. It pretty much is a simple yet creative and original idea to create your own trackables (or SWAG)! Would love to find one of those in a cache!
  18. @HiddenGnome not all of them: On Latest Activity, on Dashboard:
  19. I was going to create a post and then I saw yours. Something is broken
  20. Hi, For people with screens that aren't huge(like my laptop's) it would feel way better if the message center height would adjust to the size of the screen rather than making me have to scroll down to write the message or to hit "Send".
  21. Hi all, I've recently been using the messange center in order to receive logging requirements, such as pictures. I've come across a few misunderstandings due to the fact that the Message Center won't show any attachements. Also, when it does, it takes ages to open a picture and sometimes, tapping it won't even open it. I'm not sure if this is just on my end or not.
  22. I tried the "Log a Geocache" function and I could reply this bug.
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