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Indian or Korean restaurants?

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You might have some success if you created a catch-all category for national foods or ethnic foods (or whatever one would call them), rather than for each country.


There are precedents in other areas where Waymarkers early on started a category for every type of some thing, but then realized that there would be just too many individual categories, so they created one last catch-all category for those types of things.


Usually the catch-all categories have posting requirements that say that new Waymarks are only allowed if they cannot be put into one of those earlier specific categories, but meet the requirements in general.


So for example, if you have an Ethnic Foods category, you would not allow Waymarks for Chinese food restaurants, because such Waymarks already have a category. But it would allow Korean food restaurants because there is no such category. On the other hand, it would probably not allow a generic burger joint or steak house because those aren't examples of ethnic foods.


Just an idea.

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What about Exotic Foods, any restaurant specializing in food outside of the native region for that food. There must not already be a category for the food. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mexican have categories.

Restaurants included could be Indian, Korean, Caribbean, Eastern European...This could include TexMex but NOT in Texas, Cajun not in Louisiana, Amish not in Pennsylvania. Italian could be included but Not listed in both Pizza category and exotic (pick one). Fixed places not mobile carts or movable structures.

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Independent Diners category already exists and this is a catch all category, that is if they are independently owned. I would think that most of the "exotic Foods" and/or "Ethnic Foods" would fit into this category. The ones we have come across have been independently owned. In fact, we do not recall seeing a "chain" of these types.

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This is always a difficult question at this point in Waymarking, but has always been problematic -- how to slice the pie! ONE category for ALL restaurants? General groups? Specific brands? We have both of the latter two category types for eating establishments. Then, after all this, do we fill in the gaps with a catch-all "everything else" category? Doesn't make much sense to me.


A good category should have a specific focus that has enough merit to stand on its own and meets the four primary criteria. I crated Chinese Restaurants because almost every country has some. Even Haiti had a good one! I'd love one for Korean restaurants since I lived there recently for five years (I'd exclude ones actually in Korea, of course) and I love to find them here in the U.S. But, I'm not sure they have a global distribution that would justify a category. Same deal with Tex-Mex, a largely U.S. phenomenon. Then, there is the current sentiment biased against ANY commercial categories. I don't fully agree with that, but I do understand the reasons for that point of view.


So, bottom line is -- If someone wants to create one of these categories, post it on the forum for comment, and then see how it does in peer review.

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