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2015 Mehndi Mandala Geocoins

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I made the first Mehndi Mandala coin a few years ago. At the time I was trying to decide between a 2D or 3D coin, and went with 3D as I hadn't made a 3D coin yet at that time. But now I've decided to make the 2D version. This one has the same basic design, but with a few small changes.




These measure 2 inches wide, 3mm thick and had to use soft enamels (due to the small size of parts of the design), but with an epoxy coating giving them a nice smooth feel (similar to hard enamel). They will all be trackable with an icon and will be available in June (and will be around £12 a coin). I will be away for most of April/May, so will post more details on the sale and any reservations in early June.


Larger photos can be seen on my Facebook Group, where I'll also post more details: CW88's Geocoins


Here are some of the versions that will be made. There will be a few additional versions available too which weren't sampled.

And depending on their popularity, there will likely be more new versions in future (with possible custom/personal versions for people to make).



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All the final coins have arrived, and will go on sale from my webstore on Sunday, June 21st at 7pm CEST (Central European Summer Time).


They are mostly the same as the photos I posted before, with a few additional versions (larger photos can be seen on my Facebook Group).




There are 40 made of the first 6 versions, which will be £12 each.

And 35 made of the other 8 versions, which will be £13 each.


And to confirm the final sizes/finishes: they are 2 inches wide, 3mm thick with soft enamels (but an epoxy coating - giving it a hard enamel feel. And a few versions with no enamels at all. They also have 1 small gem in the middle on the front.


There will probably also be a remint of this coin later in the year, but with new versions.

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