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Are there any specific rules for teams?

The Pineberries
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So, I guess it's okay? I hope you can't get in trouble for have a team in different regions.

Thanks all. :smile:

Trouble? Probably not, but you might get some log deletions from suspicious cache owners, when they see Listings logged as Found, several hundred, or thousands of miles apart. Sort of what B and R was referring to in their post. Putting something in the Found logs as "Team Account" may or may not help.


I think I can say that most of the time, when a team member (friend or relative) moves away, it might be the time to consider a separate account.

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I probably wouldn't notice if you were caching in two separate States.

If brought to attention (someone who did notice), I'd be curious enough to at least send an email on it.


My other 2/3rds was caching during a trip to Tennessee once.

We live in Pennsylvania.

I didn't cache during her trip due to possible issues stated by others here.


Like Touchstone said, if a permanent move, probably time for a new account.

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A team member is moving out of state, can they still be in the team or do they have to get their own account?


As others have noted above, using the same account and logging caches far apart could be problematic. It may be easier for both of you to just create a separate account. That new account can then log the caches you've already found, so you won't lose 'credit' for prior finds. In the new logs, put something like 'Logging this cache with new/separate account. Previously found with The Pineberries.' Just be sure to set the found date (of new account's logs) to be the same as the original log (of The Pineberries account).


Your account has less than 50 finds, so it shouldn't be too time-consuming to create the separate account and re-log. If you still want to share finds (ie, both claim finds even though one of you was there) then you could still log using both accounts, although it might be more fun to just keep separate accounts.

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No, there are no specific rules for how you organise a team using one geocaching account.


If you want, you can have one member in each continent finding caches there and all logging them to the "team" account. It would be unusual, and those who consider numbers of finds important might well mutter and complain about it, but no one will stop you because there are no written rules of How You Must Do It.


MrsB :)

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