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Garmin Comparison

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Hello all, I'm looking to get back into geocaching and was wondering if anyone had a good website to compare GPS models. I'm currently using a Garmin etrex and my phone an HTC M8 to cache with but am interested in upgrading.

The models I'm looking to compare are:

GPSMAP® 64st

Rino® 650


I'm also open to the idea of buying older models used, such as:


Rino 530HCx


If you guys have any another suggestions on which models to go with please feel free to throw them out there.

Please note: I know the models I listed are expensive and that there are cheaper models I'm open to them as well if the features are comparable.

(Note: I will be caching in forested areas and urban areas, I don't want tree/skyscrapers to be an issue with signal.)




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Garmin's own website has a comparison feature. Check up to 4 devices and compare the specs side by side.


Keep in mind that the radio on the rhino will consume battery, so decide whether you need your radio and gps to be one single unit. The features of the Rhino (sending your location over radio) are really only useful if you know other people with a rhino.

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I'll echo the above posts and suggest one with GLONASS capability, and only buy the Rhino series of units if you need to frequently use FRS/GMRS radio, and/or send & receive locations to other Rhino units.


The 64S and 64ST have both had significant MSRP price drops from Garmin recently, and can be found for $299 and $349, respectively. Lots of free third-party maps can be found on GPS File Depot and depending on your location, there may even be free 24K topos.


My vote would be for the 64-series, either the "S" or "ST" model. B)


Edit: Appears you may be located in OR. In that case, *definitely* go for one of the newer GLONASS-equipped units. The more birds you can pick up, the better, especially with the thick canopy we are known for here in the NW.

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The Garmin 't' models are loaded up with topo maps but they aren't the best resolution at 1:100,000. You can buy or download free topo maps at 1:24,000 scale. So, for example, you could save some cash by going with a 64s instead of a 64st.


Also, as mentioned above, the 64 series had a serious price drop recently. It has GLONASS as well as more memory and other improvements over the discontinued 62 series. Though the 62 series is great, the 64's are even better and I would recommend going that direction (I did and am happy!).

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