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What do you take when geocaching?


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Today, gloves would have been nice, I had to remove some rocks and the box was DIRTY, a pair of gloves would have been nice. Hand sanitizer also would have been nice.

I prefer wet wipes myself. Hand sanitizers may disinfect your hands, but wet wipes will remove the dirt.


There are many threads discussing what to bring. Among the top of the list is extra batteries (or if you're a cellphone cacher, an external USB power pack). There's usually someone suggesting "a sense of adventure" as well as "common sense" :)

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This comes up a lot, so you can search the forum to get way more information that you really want on the topic.


But because of the precise way you asked the question, I'm going to answer that you shouldn't worry about what anyone else brings: when you're just starting out, you should just focus on enjoying geocaching. Food and water are good, although they aren't really related to geocaching. A pen and GPSr are required, but you know that. Feel free to play with swag, but also feel free not to worry about it if it gets in your way. Beyond that, the only thing I'd suggest is for both of you to bring a pen, mainly in case the other one forgets, or brings a pen that doesn't work, or you lose one.


Once you get the swing of things, the other discussions about what to bring will make more sense. In addition, if you read those discussions first, you might find yourself weighted down with lots of stuff you'll never actually use. I admit I have a few things in my pockets all the time to help with geocaching, but I don't really use them that often, so it's unlikely you'll need any of them the first few times you go out.

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Yea you shouldn't need to take a lot with you unless you are going for a high terrain cache. If it is a long hard hike you might have to bring some extra stuff but for most average caches what you have already listed is good. I don't bring food or water with me unless it is going to be a long hike.


As far as for your hands I like to keep this in my car with some paper towels. Works great!



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I don't worry about food and water....most of my caching is in civilization, driving from cache to cache, so when the urge strikes I just whip in to a handy convenience store or Mickey D's, which are also good for bathroom breaks.


Every cacher has different preferences for their kit, tailored to their individual caching style based on their experience. Some common items that most everyone could use:




Pointy tweezers (for extracting tiny little nano logs)

Pens, of course

Spare batteries for GPS, if you use one, or backup juice pack or charging cable for smartphone, if that's your thing.


Beyond that, once you've been caching awhile you'll develop a feel for what other gear would be useful, based on the type of caching you do and the types of caches that are prevalent in your area.

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OK, I will bite


My geocaching backpack currently has:


machanic glove

ziplock bag of swag (i.e. traid items, including 10ish ring bottle openers)

ziplock bag of batteries (AA and spare cell phone batteries)

home made first aid kit in a ziplock bag

toilet paper in a ziplock bag

Hunting knife

magnet on a stick

travel bugs

granola bars




waterproof notebook

3 late modle GPS (eTrex Legend H and 2x eTrex Venture HC)

several biners(i.e. low grade carabiners, not for climbing)

Giant flat blade screw driver (for finding benchmarks)


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When I'm geocaching, I almost always have:

  • 3 pens (Sharpie, Fisher Space Pen, gel pen)
  • personal signature tokens
  • cache repair kit (duct tape, O-rings, log sheets)
  • hand sanitizer
  • small LED flashlight
  • Leatherman Micra
  • Android phone with a geocaching app and/or my eXplorist 310

Everything else depends on where I'm going.

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I bring way too much stuff when I geocache. So far my kit includes:

Cellphone - always with me never left in car no matter how close the cache is to my parked car.

Back Pack

Swiss army knife with tweezers and small pliers

Larger lock blade knife

Boonie hat

Old fashion paper street map of my area (N.E. Florida was very hard to find)

Magellan Explorist GC GPS

Brunton compass

Note pad


Spare batteries (lots for GPS and Maglite AA size)


Lanyard with 2 pens, photon light, 2 log rollers (different sizes split pins from the hardware store)

Extra pens and short pencils & a pencil sharpener in my backpack

Mechanics gloves keep hands from being nicked up by thorns, burrs & sharp pointy things. My preference is the type without the finger tips

A magnetic pen – purchased at auto parts store

A retractable mirror – also purchased at an auto parts store

Replacement logs of various sizes and small Ziploc bags of various sizes and an assortment of geo containers as replacements. I frequently come across containers that are in poor shape or broken

Garbage bags

First aid kit I made up in a zip lock bag

Hand sanitizer

Rubber bands (cache container repair I have also used the sports tape in the first aid kit for the same thing

Water & snacks (usually cookies or granola bars, hard candy)

Bic lighter

Walking staff

Gallon Ziploc with swag. I place all my swag in their own Ziplocs along with a calling card I made up.

And since I am a penguin (a short bird without much reach) a folding helping hand long-reach pick-up gripper, only had to use once or twice.


I will usually just put the bag of extra logs and Ziplocs and some swag in my jacket pockets for quick park & grab caches. Now the weather is getting warmer I’ll make a quick grab bag from an extra shoulder bag I have for the P&G’s with the swag, extra containers, logs and Ziplocs and take the camera off the lanyard.

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I don't have all the tools I might like to have with me but a lot depends on how far you go and how much stuff you want to deal with. I try to have a pen/pencil, water, tweezers, knife, gloves, SWAG, mini-grabber (used sometimes in jewelry making to pick up beads), small Swiss Army knife that has a few tools, paper towels, camping TP, hikey-pokey pole, a loupe (cuz I like to look at stuff up close), mini flashlight, bandaids. If I remember I take a trash bag to pick up trash. I also have a mirror on an extender (for looking underneath things). You can get those at car parts stores. I try to have extra paper, log books, etc. just in case something is dire and needs help. Mosquito wipes or spray a must for the woods. OH and ALWAYS CELLPHONE. :-)

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Looking at everyone's posts above I was suprised when I didn't see sunscreen and bug spray as two of the essentials of caching. Today my dear daughter I carried in my backpack, water, pen and notes (taken from people's logs), mobile phone, suncreen, hat, mozzie spray (we are in Nth Queensland Australia B) ), torch, bag of trade bits and pieces, some money and my sunnies. Also those wet wipes/towelettes you get from fast food stores are pretty handy too!

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